25 Recipes for Large Groups on a Budget


While being on a mission to be social, you are expected to be a part of many social gatherings, friend’s groups and parties! Some time large groups of people are to gather at your home too, so it may be difficult to cook some instant healthy and delicious foods for a big crowd! Here we are to show that how you can go for a management for it with a minimal planning and much less stress on your mind! Just Put all the headaches aside and take a look at the 25 recipes for large groups on a budget, all are easy to cook, healthy, budget-friendly and most importantly are mouth-watering and yummy! If you just love feeding people then these delicious crowd food recipes are only for you!

These diy recipes will also make a smart choice whether you are expecting some college ladies to visit your home or a team of office colleague! No matter whether you are a perfect host/hostess or not, no matter that your food budget is limited or you are tangled in lots of other home tasks! These food recipes are just perfect by all means and are super tasty too!

Not only for gathering or for the respected guests these scrumptious recipes are also perfect to try at home to bring some fun and delight to the daily home meals. From healthy slow cook and processed casseroles to tasty yet healthy pizzas, macs and fries you would find all the easy recipes right below with detailed links. Some of the foods are freezable so that you can  manage the impromptu guests with them or to satisfy your own hunger when you are busy and have no time to get into the kitchen for cooking. All these yummy food ideas come with links that you can browse to get access over the full fledged recipes, cooking methods and also freezing techniques.


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork:

slow cooker pulled pork crowd meal recipe

Need something cheap yet tasty and presentable for the dinner gatherings? we have this perfect slow cook pork recipe for you to try and we are sure you will love it. Here is the complete recipe with details of ingredients and other things to take in consideration so do browse it thrivinghomeblog!

Budget-Friendly Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls:

cheap yet delicious bread machine cinnamon rolls

Its best to add that food item in your big dinner gatherings which attracts to all age groups and one of such recipe is right here with us. These are yummy and bread machine cinnamon rolls, healthy and full of taste to delight each one’s taste buds. Get the detailed recipe with ingredients and cooking method right here thrivinghomeblog!

Crowd Pleaser Chicken Spaghetti:

chicken spaghetti

Spaghetti is just love for the kids and now you can make it a favorite food serving for every family member with some nice and healthy additions of vegetables, wheat and chicken in it and that too in a different yet yummy way. The cheese going in it make it more delicious and hard to resist so hurry to get the complete recipe here thrivinghomeblog!

Yummy Creamy Mac Cheese:

creamy mac cheese

The daily things we eat can be made to taste and look more great with some fun spicy additions. Like we eat mac almost everyday so here we have a recipe with you can make the simple mac too delicious that you would add to your special weekly menu and also for dinners. with simple kitchen things like milk and cheese and some spices this yummy recipe would be all set to honor your dining table.domesticsuperhero

Cheap yet Healthy Baked Ziti:

baked zitti crowd pleasing meal

This tasty Baked Zitti recipe belongs to a family inheritance and now you can own it for your weekly family dinners or the big dinner parties to fill up the maximum guests. This mouth watering zitti is made out of zitti noodles, lots of marinara sauce and all’s favorite Mozzarella cheese as topping. Get the step by step cooking recipe right here createdby!

Ham and Cheese Sliders – Easy Crowd Appetizer:

yummy hanm and cheese sliders

These tempting looking ham cheese slicers are just full of all kind of goodness one can ever look for. They are cheap, easy to make, damn yummy and can be served as appetizers both in dinners and lunch. So if you have a lunch or dinner in coming days you really need to see this recipe right here thrivinghomeblog

Meet + Pizza Casserole for a Crowd:

meat pizza casserole crowd pleaser

Graduation party, birthday party, baby shower or any other celebration food is must. And everybody waits for some delicious and fun type of food thing to arrive and we have exactly the same thing to be in your party menu. This is three meat pizza casserole recipe with full details right here so get it, make and win hearts.cullyskitchen

Crowd Pleasing Baked Italian Meatballs:

baked mouth-watering Italion meatballs

If you are a meet ball lover then you must try this yummy, good looking and totally new version of baked meet balls and we can guarantee after trying for once you would make them again and again. The icing on the cake is that you can make them and freeze them to serve even the impromptu guests. so hurry to get the recipe here and include it in your weekly menu thrivinghomeblog

Cheap & Yummy Mexican Soup:

mexican soup recipe for large groups

When there is a crowd of guest at home you need to be good at cooking. The main course you are going to serve should be tasty, cheap and sufficient to fill up everybody on the dining table. so here is this amazing recipe of Mexican soup for the large groups keep it noted and it would be so helpful for u. thrivinghomeblog

Crowd Pleaser Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup:Italian sausage tortellini soup

This soup is just full of health benefits and it looks so damn tempting due to the colors and textures of the things in it. You can make it and have or make it and freeze it to use at hurry or needy hours. The ingredients, making method, and freezing instructions all are right here so explore the link and note everything in your cookbook.thrivinghomeblog

Chicken Parmesan Casserole Crowd Food:chicken parmesan casserole

When there is a dinner at your house you need to very careful for the menu because the tasty and delicious food can win praise to u and vise versa. This chicken Parmesan casserole made out of chicken pieces, sauces, loads of cheese and bread crumbs to taste finger licking good. Here is the complete recipe for your convenience and easy approach to this cheap and yummy crowd food.thrivinghomeblog

Healthy Cheesy Chicken Casserole:

yummy cheesy chicken casserole crowd meal

For those who are health conscious but still want to have the tasty food this cheesy chicken casserole recipe is best to try. Not only for adults this recipe is good enough and tastier for the kids too so you can surely try it without any complain from any body instead praises would come your way. Get the detailed information and recipe right here and enjoy thrivinghomeblog

Delicious Beefy Baked Ravioli:delicious beefy baked ravioli

Beef is the must part of our diet to get the enough quantity of protein and calories and cooking it with some delicious recipes you can enjoy its benefits along with sheet taste. So here is another way to get your weekly intake of meat with this beefi baked ravioli recipe and it can be frozen so its a plus point of this tasty dish. To know the cooking and freezing method you have to expand the link here thrivinghomeblog

Quick-to-Cook Whole Grain Pizza Breads:

whole grain pizza breads

We all love pizzas especially kids are just crazy for them but they are not considered too much healthy. But with this whole grain pizza you can enjoy the taste of pizza and still do not have to compromise on health and its so simple to make that you can quickly make it as a super fun lunch for the kids when they return home from school. Here is the full recipe and method in a case you are new to this kind of pizza thrivinghomeblog!

Appetizing Cheesy Chicken Black Bean Enchiladas:

cheesy chicken black bean enchiladas

Every house wife looks for a kind of recipes which are full of vitamins, protein and minerals and that too with great delighting taste so everybody in the family enjoys eating it especially the kids and the husbands so we have something really fabulous in this regard to share and that is this cheesy chicken black bean enchiladas recipe  must to be noted down or saved. thrivinghomeblog

Lasagna Soup for a Crowd:

lasagna soup to feed large groups

Say this is lasagna and nobody would ever deny eating it. Here we have a whole new avatar of the lasagna in the form of soup with the same taste but much more health and nutrition value and that looking so good. As soups are best to serve and manage a crowd efficiently so you must give a read to this lasagna soup recipe and m sure you would return penning it down in your cook book.cookingclassy

Mouth-Watering Slow Cooker Pot Roast:

slow cooker pot roast

Everything that cooks slow is guaranteed tasty and full of great nutrition value for your good health. With this slow cooked pot pot roast you can  enjoy the tasty meal hours with family and guests and that too with no health risk. So check out its recipe here in red bold letters and enjoy a comfort meal every time.thrivinghomeblog!

Easy yet Healthy Pot Roast Sliders:

yummy roast sliders

Soups are just hot favorite in cold days and to accompany a soup bowl we have these mouth watering pot roast sliders to make the soup time an accomplished meal time. Pot roast, mashed potatoes and some onions rings are needed to make these delicious pot roast sliders even for the large groups. They are simple to make still get the detailed recipe to make them in a perfect way thrivinghomeblog!

Burrito Pie (Freezer Meal):

burrito pie crowd pleaser

More detailed here: thrivinghomeblog

Baked Oatmeal:

baked oatmeal for a crowd

Nothing can be a much healthier diet than the oatmeal but people think them to be tasteless and avoid them a lot. But they can be made to tastier with some delightful additions like this baked oatmeal to let you enjoy the health benefits along with impressive taste. So all the health conscious people are highly suggested to pick this amazing recipe of baked oatmeal right here thrivinghomeblog!

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup:

vegetarian tortilla soup for a crowd

Chicken, beans, vegetables and corns are the part of this super tasteful tortilla soup and you can evaluate from these ingredients how healthy and tasty this soup would be. And the best thing about it is that it takes only ten minutes in s single pot to get perfectly cook so do not let this recipe get go out of your hands grab it now from this link thrivinghomeblog!

Slow Cooker Balsamic Shredded Beef:

slow cooker balsamic shredded beef crowd meal

Every hob holding woman looks for the type of meals which are yummy, quick to make and above all can be put in freezer for any time serving. So here is an amazing recipe of this slow cook shredded beef that you can make at weekends and enjoy any day in the working days by just heating it up. It is as healthy and yummy as it looks in the picture and perfect for all the family members so get the full recipe here and do give it a try this weekend thrivinghomeblog!

Slow Cooker Whole Wheat Spinach Lasagna:slow cooker whole wheat spinach lasagna crowd meal

Spinach is full of iron and thus great and utterly needed for our body and brain health and lasagna is know for pure taste.So how about combining this nutrition full spinach and tasteful lasagna and enjoy healthy meal in a yummy way. I m sure you all liked this innovative food idea and want to know the complete recipe so its right here access it without further adieu thrivinghomeblog!

Tummy Chilli for a Crowd:

chilli for a crowd

Make your guests happily leave the dining table with some delicious food served in the platter like this Mexican chilli con carne in the dinner parties or formal gatherings. Its super easy, light on budget and healthy as well as scrumptious to make your instantly hungry with the very first glance over it. catch the recipe and other full fledged details on this link provided bbcgoodfood!

Tasty Ham Cheese Croquetas:

yummy cheese croquetas

Every thing that goes down deep in the pan for frying is just so hard to resist for being utterly tasty and delicious and we want more and more of such fries. So here is another yummy addition to your fun weekend meals called ham cheese croquetas. They are as tasty as they look and acute simple and fun to make also just get the recipe here and delight your family meal this night.bbcgoodfood

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