Pallet Wall Mounted TV & Media Center

Watching TV is a great pleasure but watching TV in comfortable position just boosts the fun level up! To make the TV-watching convenient the furniture setters always tend to target the wall areas especially for those LCD or Plasma TVs! Several different hanging systems are available in the market that just makes it easy to install your display screen to any selected wall area to give your media room a theater like look!

Get avail the no-cost pallet offers that leads to a suitable wall hanging solution to hold your TV screen and this DIY pallet wall mounted TV & media center is one of those elegant solutions! Now pallets are just making it easy to handle the interior renovations and can offer valuable treatments to improve the overall performance of your home even the outdoor areas! Dismantle the pallets and go with a selective bunch of slats to recover this wooden wall TV unit and load some appropriate hardware settings to create a safe holding for your TV with rustic wooden background! Enjoy!

pallet wall mounted t.v holder unit
IF you are little skillful and know how to handle the tools, then you are perfect to go for the pallet projects. You must copy this idea for your bedroom r living for plasma or led t,v holing.It has been build with a layered stacking of pallet slats over each other.
up-cycled pallet wall hanging t.v holder
You can chop the pallet slats into the customized size of your Plasma or LCD screen, so that it perfectly fits and suits them.Use solid hardware like nails to fix the slats on the wall.It can be planned and build for any section of the house making it a center of entertainment.
pallet wall mounted t.v holder with a shelf
The T.v holder which has been mounted on the wall, has been extended with a lower built shelf which would enhance it beauty and functionality to the peak by holding the speakers and buffers in rustic and shabby chic style.

DIY Wood Pallet Wall Ideas and Paneling

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