Vintage Pallet Coffee Table for Living Room

Adorn your living area with a piece of coffee table, which are much in trend and interior fashion these days. This DIY wood pallet coffee table is all you need to complement your living room. This table has been gorgeously crafted from reclaimed pallet wood in a very inventive and creative way. The pallet wood can be collected from many resources like barns, buildings and shipping skids in excess. The whole table has been built from pallet long bars with a solid and sound base. Their best feature is they are handmade and very pocket friendly.

Above all it can be placed with any kind of sofa set either it is of wood, leather or any other material. It will enhance the style of your living room and with its sleek design and square shape having a cross of pallet bars on each bottom side. It has been varnished well for a soft and shiner surface. You can paint it with your desired color in contrast with your other furniture.

Up-graded pallet coffee table
Coffee tables are loved by every one especially when they are easy to make and money friendly. This beautiful coffee table proves very functional too, when you are visited by friends and relatives!
regained pallet coffee table
This coffee table is built from the pallet around you. it serves you best in your living area,but they can also be used for outdoor spaces like patio, garden rooftops etc.

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