DIY Small Pallet Side Table

If you want to add a side table in your furniture, first you should determine what function you want it to perform. If you are seeking after a side table not for large storage purpose than welcome this cute and small DIY wood Pallet side table to get blended with your furniture and decor. The side table has been obtained from the reclaimed pallets which accent a very high durability. The top of the table is built from the small and different in width pallet planks with a stronger support of the thick in fiber pallet legs.

This side table can be adjusted with any kind of sofa either in indoor or outdoor. It can be brought to functionality with many uses like resting of the coffee mugs, storing cell phones and remotes, holding lamps and many more. Its unfinished look hints at the natural or rural vibe which would be perfect for the patio decor. If you use it to display at the side of your bed or sofa in the living area than you can stain it with the matching colors of interior furnishing.

Recycled pallet small side table
This tiny in size side table has been achieved from the small pallet bars with four thick in fiber legs for a solid and firm construction. It can console you in bedroom, living room or patio area like a small storing station.
Regained pallet small side table
With its unfinished tone, it gives a natural and farmhouse touch with a rustic flair. But you can paint it many hues and shades of your choice after a well done sanding.

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