Multi-functional Pallet Shelves Rack

You must have seen large size of pallet and steel storage racks in the manufacturing units, retail centers, warehouses and distribution facilities loaded with palletized and packaged goods in horizontal and vertical rows. A house also faces storage problems but on a very small scale as compared to the large size industrial and commercially used racks. So now with pallets and steel scraps, you have a chance to build the customized size of a storage rack to cope with the storage problems of the house.

That is why we have brought to you this DIY multifunctional pallet and steel shelves rack which can be bound to store a lot of home utilities on them. The rack unit looks quite modern in style and design and would make a very dominating and eye catching look at your spaces. Books show piece items, media stuff all can be housed on this rack unit which is equally practical for small shops and stores to hold the selling items in apple pie order with convenience.

diy pallet and steel storage rack
When ever you are in need of some storage friendly items pallets can really help you to build an apt storage item according to your needs and demands and this pallet multi functional rack would really be prove to be a good hack.
Wooden pallet and steel storage rack
This pallet shelves rack has been built from the pallets and for this purpose pallet wood has been cut into long and small pallet slats to build the racks and the legs of support of the racks respectively.
pallet and steel storage rack
If you need to use it for the house storage problems then you can build this one rack unit and if you are in need of storage items for the shops and the commercial needs then you can build more then one.
Repurposed pallet and steel storage rack
Lastly it has been stained in a light brown shad off cocoa to make it look more gorgeous and rustic in style and would look very industrial in style and make your house look advanced in looks and appearance.

Made by: Guam’s Pallet Guy

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