Upcycled Pallet Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are adorable as pets and they are widely adopted by the people all around the world for being utterly cute. In the jungle they live in burrows and feel really comfortable there so when you are bringing them home you have to get a comfy house for them to live, rest and sleep in. and using pallets you can not only save a lot of your money being spent on a market bought one but also have fun building it. And here we have with us this DIY pallet rabbit hutch letting you learn the structure, design and shape to copy it easily at home.

This cute bunny house or cage is built intelligently so that it is easier for you to clean it, feed the rabbits and do more such activities. The design of this fun rabbit hutch boasts three little doors with locks opening to three different sections. The wire mesh pieces have been used to wall up the house so that you can see them through it while cutely nibbling the carrots. The light brown shade has been used to get the rabbit house stained in natural and light toned look.

diy pallet rabbit hutch

People just love to have rabbits as the pets in their homes especially the kids so make them a functional and fun house like this pallet rabbit hutch where they can rest, sleep play and that too totally free using the pallets.

Wooden pallet rabbit hutch

The rabbit hutch comes with a very tall structure revealing three tiers of different home sections like we have and all are provided with the little locked doors as well.

Handmade pallet rabbit hutch

This is the main section or you can say the bedroom of your cute bunny where he can sleep and rest and it features a hole through which the bunny can go downstairs.

Recycled pallet rabbit hutch

The three small doors with locks would not only make them safe from cats but also make it easy for you to clean it after regular intervals and you have to cut pallets into small piece to shape them up.

pallet rabbit hutch

This is the upper section of the rabbit hutch also provided with a lock where you can make them feed so that they use separate sections for different activities.

Upcycled pallet rabbit hutch

The wire mesh has been used as the walls so that you can witness them and get amused from their fun movements even when they are enclosed in ti.

Made by: Pallets Planejados

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