10 DIY Pallet Trees – 100% Reclaimed Pallets

We have shared many useful researches here to build the hypnotizing furniture out of pallets! There are countless different methods to design the eyepieces and festive signs with pallets while intending to express your feeling of peak happiness on a special eve and occasion! To let you give some more new plans of home decors, we have brought here a collection of DIY wood pallet trees that will provide a great help while turning your home into a festive mode!

You can take a roundup to learn about some basic ways and tricks used to build up these trees which are all different from each other but with one thing common, the size of the all the trees gradually increases while going downward! So one can built a set of little triangles in such a way that each triangle is having a little bit bigger size than the previous one! Then these little triangles can be installed on a vertical wooden support to shape up a tree! Triangular shapes can also be replaced with simple straight wooden slats and also with chevron style wooden units to give some variations to your tree!

Pallet Trees

Just in case if you want to get some more spots to put some lights and embellishments on these trees, then some little shelves can be made by using extra pallet wood cut down to tiny pieces to use as shelving levels! By leaving some spacing between the units with which the tree has been installed and also by varying the paint colors, one can give an appreciated personal touch to these trees!

Faux Green Painted Pallet Tree:

handmade pallet wood tree
Just pack a set of removed pallet slats in a flat way! Just give a gradual increase to installed sizes to get a faux tree shape that have painted in green to mimic the natural greenery of the trees!

Rustic High Top Pallet Tree:

wooden pallet high top faux tree
This one has been integrated with little pallet-made units that gradually decrease in size and have been raised to peak that is only a little triangle! Overall look is rustic however, desired appearance can be given using accent paint colors! It would be for your home ornamental plan when your home in an uproar of a festival!

Pallet Festival Tree Decor:

handmade wooden pallet festive tree decor
Just installed some pulled apart pallet sizes on a flat wooden vertical support and give a cone like shape to gain a faux tree look, let a handmade start be on the top for visual stimulation and enjoy a marvelous tree for your interior ornamental plans!

Flat-Packed Sea Green Pallet Tree:

recycled pallet accent tree
Give the saw-tooth edges to some discarded or dismantled pallet lengths and integrate them as a flat unit with a smallest size on the top while the biggest at the bottom! Put the back support to hold them all as a one piece and gain a beautiful tree for your home decors!

Wooden Pallet Faux Fall Tree:

handmade pallet fall faux tree
Just appreciate this mind-blowing collaboration of pallet slats to shape up a whole tree faux tree shape! Darker zinc paint shade has been selected for an overall accent look while little white dots imitate the snow fall! So it would be a best decor for this fall season!

Pallet Tree With Lights:

faux pallet tree with lights
Just look at this another strategy to use the pallets for home ornamental plans, cutout a cone shape from a given pallet board and just place it in front of a white cloth (a little transparent) cloth and let the light create an illuminating backdrop for a hilarious manifestation of festive decors!

Rustic Pallet Faux Decorative Tree:

wooden pallet tree
This one is another good one to chase your heart, comes with a faux wooden start top and has whole been assembled with removed pallet slats full of rusticity! Just finish it with a pinwheel bottom for an stable way of standing and gain a stimulating decorative tree to spread the festival atmosphere all around in your home!

Pallet Accent Wooden Tree:

wooden pallet rustic tree
This is another pretty easy to achieve while having a stock of separated apart pallets! Comes with a flat bottom and hence can be made stand on any flat surface like on table and on a floating wall shelving level!

Easy-to-Build Pallet Tree:

handmade made faux wooden trees
Just build a full set of faux wooden trees to give a warm welcome to upcoming festival about which the whole surrounding areas are in an uproar! These tree would be the best ever suggestions to use for occasional and eventual decorous home plans and would also be great candidates for garden beautification and ornamentation!

Pallet Faux Accent Tree with Ornamental Shelves:

handmade wooden pallet decorative tree
Pack the pallet wood slat flat to gain a cone shape, get the respective sizes by cutting down the pallet slats and let some more shelves float over this wooden cone shape of tree! Just load all your items of decors on this shelving levels and make it stable by adding a flat bottom! Would be amazing beauty station for any living room corner and can also be bordered with LED lights for charming light effects at night!

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