Dog Bed out of Pallets

Pet are dear to every one as they make you smile with their every cute movement either their morning walk with you or playing with the ball. So pamper your dog with this DIY pallet dog bed, to let them rest and sleep in style. The bed has been built following a feasible construction pattern, making the sleeping berth, three raised wall and a v shaped entrance for the dog.

The use of pallets in the formation of this item would make it durable, sturdy and a match to your furnishing pieces. Pallet small pieces like stripes have yoked together to form this luxurious and personalized comfort spot for your little pet. The bed is like a gift for the pet which expresses you love and affection for him and it’s a way to thank him for coming in your life and making it full of fun for you and your kids. Sand it well so that the doggy does not get harmed from the splinters.

Recycled pallet dog bed
Pallet wood and its free availability has made it possible for you to build wooden furniture for you pets, as they are also the part of your family. So this pallet bed is a great addition to delight your sweet pets.
Reclaimed pallet dog bed
pallet stripes have been customized in use to make a perfect bed according to the weight and height of your pet’s bed. insert a comfy cushion and let him sleep with more coziness.

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