Antique Pallet Coat Racks

If you have a defined entryway, than you would be surely want to keep it clutter free for a neat and clean welcome every time. But what about the coats, hats and other things which are smashed to the entrance at every come back from the school and office? A very simpler and not too costly solution to this nerve racking problem is these DIY handmade pallet coat racks to digest and control all the necessary stuff at every arrival and departure from the house with a touch of antique and rustic inspiration to your interior decor.

These functional racks are gained from the recycled pallet wood with some stylish mantels and hooks on it to give a strong grip to your heavy coats and clothes. The number of decorative mantles and hooks can be enhanced in accord to your storage demands. These rustic looking hangers will take a minimum space of your entryway to perform the heavy duty of carrying your clothes. Sand it and stain along with the mantles for a more exalted look of your decorous.

Reclaimed pallet coat hanger for walls
This hanging rack has been created to be fixed on the walls of your entryway where you can hang the coats, mufflers, hats and many more things of daily use. The hooks and mantles are quite rustic in in shape and design.
Recycled pallet coat hanger for walls
This hanging rack can digest many of your stuff like key chains, ties, socks with easy access taking less space besides your entry door for comfortable hellos and good byes. To increase the the functionality enhance the number of hooks.
Repurposed pallet hanging rack for walls
Entryway space seems to be a corner of a market when the children and elders dump all their stuff there. To get rid of this problem grab this rack and fix it on the wall for an arranged an pristine look of your entrance.

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