DIY Pallet Bed Frame with Nightstands

Beds can be said the real comfort of life as they comfy up the bedroom space for your dreams! Financially, it is a big challenge to buy a fully featured bed model but from DIY sources it is found to be highly inexpensive to get, recycle the free shipping skids to earn lasting longer pallet bed frame with premium features! Get inspired of this DIY pallet bed frame with 2 nightstands, is 100% handcrafted and is composed of salvaged pallets!

First of all the separated pallet dice sections have been put together for raised borders or boundaries of the bed and custom trimmed down pallets have been stacked for the nightstands at both sides! A backless pallets has been made stand straight behind the frame as a headboard also! All straight and longer wooden slats have been put together to fill up the entire mid section of the bed that can be added with a foam mattress later! Something mind-blowing has been done with pallets here!

wooden pallet sturdy bed frame with nightstands

Remove the backside dice sections from the pallet boards and stack them to build the robust wooden bed borders and overall frame!

bed made out of pallets

Use the mini pallets or trimmed down the larger ones to be stacked for the nightstands as you can see here, will help the user to keep the night conveniences in touch!

robust wooden pallet bed frame with nightstands and headboard

Here a half cut pallet skid with removed back parts, has been intended to serve as a headboard so has been fixed at a angle behind the bed frame!

handmade wooden pallet bed frame with nightstands

Here building the mid sections is the most challenging part, you need to get the better hardware for it, better looking pallet slats and also a lot of patience!

recycled pallet bed frame with nightstands

Finish this hand-built bed with a highly dense foam mattress and just drag it to your newly built bedroom to start using it! This is here a highly unique design bed ever made of pallets!

Made by: Frank Thul

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