Upcycled Pallet Bar Table

We come across various types of counters while visiting a pub, enjoying the food in restaurant and also while having fun in cafes! These are special types of counters to receive orders and to deliver the goods needed to customers like coffees, drinks and other kinds of beverages and refreshments!

Now there are great opportunities for DIY lovers to have low-coat bar tables or counters as there are multiple plans to do so and one we are share here in shape of this DIY pallet bar table, a wholly unique design with custom dimensions, features and storage options and is also having a raised counter top deal the standing persons or to deal those who are sitting on raised pallet bar stools! This whole counter is of L-shape and also provides a wooden floor or platform to stand comfortably in front of your customers! This is the mind blowing pallet achievement in honor of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars!

pallet bar stand
Some people are lucky enough to have a gaming zone in the basement of their house where they can enjoy many games like billiards.To double up the fun of these playful areas this bar table ideas is like icing on the cake.
pallet bar stand with racks and storage
The bar stand has inside its composition some racks to hold the cold drink bottles and beverages which can be enjoyed along with playing the games only to enhance the enjoyment level when you are in the company of your friends.
pallet bar style stand with a counter shelf
The Bar table is also apt item to be use professionally for the clubs and bars as it has been accustomed with all the features which a bar stand requires like racks, counters and storage space.And that too on cost free rates due to the involvement of pallets.
Brown stained pallet bar stand
The pallet bar has also the wooden platform for the bar dealers to stand on and deal with the customers.Accompany the table with two bar stools so that you can enjoy a perfect and raised seating while enjoying or ordering the drinks.
diy pallet bar stand
The rustic merits and look of the pallet wood has been jazzed up by staining the bar table with brown shade which makes the table look more shabby chic in style to fit and suit your spaces with complimentary and accent look.

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