Upcycled Old Pallet Side Table

After a tiresome day of work, you want to relax in bed by watching your favorite move, or having a crispy chat with tour partner. You dint want to get disturbed by anything. DIY has made something to make your bed time more comfortable and relaxing. This is DIY pallet bed side table can be also named as night stands. This luxurious bed side table is build from pallet wood which has a very high capacity to be reclaimed.

It has many features to attract your attention like a plain top, a vacant drawer space, and a big cabinet all meant only for your servitude. The top of the table can be used to display things like lamps, alarm clocks or a picture frame a well. In the vacant drawer space you can keep your t.v remote and cell phones with safety. The big cabinet is a small storage to assemble your stuff. It has been painted dark to add a rustic and somber look to your bedroom.

Recycled pallet side table
This pallet side table is fabricated from pallet wood in a innovative way. The table has a vacant drawer and a cabinet to house your important stuff at one place.
Recycled pallet side table
The side tables are very useful for being small and durable especially when built from the pallet wood. This side table will intensify the style and fashion of your house with its classy and rustic look.
Regained pallet side table
This pallet side table can be fitted either on the side of your sofa set or it can be used as bed side table too. It is easily portable to any part of your house for its small size.Pallet wood gives it a great durability to last long. It can be stained in any color of your choice to make it more charming and protected.
Repurposed pallet side table
Pallet Side tables have become important part of the house furniture and they are expensive too. But this pallet side table is very low in cost as you need only pallet wood and your creative hands to get it.You can place your cell phones, chargers and remote when using it as a bed side table.

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