Rustic Pallet Entryway Table

People of the big cities call themselves, civilized, cultured and modern. But when it comes to garnish your house with furniture, they would go the rustic type of furniture. DIY has always tried to satisfy every individual’s demand with its exclusive range of DIY furniture ideas and plans. For the rustic lover we are presenting in this post a very distressed piece of pallet wood that is DIY rustic pallet entryway table. The addition of this entryway table to your house will lend your interior decor a country side perspective.

The small but high in function table can serve you in many ways. You can place it at the main door entrance, along the wall of hallway or the corridor for a sophisticated look. Things like decorative pieces, flower vases and frames can be gorgeously displayed on it to up grade its functionality as well beauty purpose. The drawer at the top will hold your necessary items with safety. In this case the table has been left unfinished for rusticity to flaunt its natural look, but you can cover it with colors if you like.

Reclaimed pallet rustic entryway table
The pallet furniture is the demand of the day which can be fulfilled using distressed pieces of pallet wood. The table contains a top shelf, a drawer and a built in shelf to hold many of your stuff in a apple pie order.
Repurposed pallet rustic entryway table
You can use the table for the beauty exposure of many decorous things like faux flowers, jars, picture frames, vases and many more. The display of these embellishing items will lend your entrance a pristine and stunning look.
Recycled pallet rustic entryway table
The drawer is awarded with a metal handle for easy open and close at every slide. You can keep urgent things in it like home keys or your car keys to save your time in finding them every morning.

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