Recycled Pallet Glass Top Coffee Table

If we conduct a survey about the most popular furniture item, coffee tables would get the consumer choice award for their highly functional and compatible attributes. It is the coffee table which can withstand with any type of décor either living room, bedroom, garden or patio area. They perfectly fit and suit to every place and furnishing with a marked style and beauty. Owing to all the above mentioned qualities DIY provides you with a never ending range of coffee table, from one of them is this DIY pallet glass top table to add a accent and attitude to your contemporary interior décor.

It has been reclaimed from the pallets wood to be adapted into this gorgeous and modish design and shape. The top of the table has been made of glass with a small spacious storing drawer at the bottom to serve you with double purposes. To make it more happening and whimsical you can add some sand, shells or pearls under the glass top. It has been heavily white washed to make it a dazzling item. You can do changes  in color or size in a customized way.

Handmade pallet glass atop coffee table
This stunning piece of coffee table will leave you with an amazement with its striking details. though looks expensive but it is very pocket friendly because it has been born out from the recycled pallets with a glass top to enrich its beauty.
Reclaimed pallet glass top coffee table
This coffee table has been built on symmetrical lines for a clean look with a drawer at the bottom to offer you a small storing station. The drawer is equipped with a metal knob for easy-gliding at every open and close session.
Recycle pallet top glass coffee table
After sanding, it has been heavily white washed to look so classy and mature piece. To make it more thrilling and happening you can fill the space under glass top with some sea sand, shells or colorful beads.

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