Reclaimed Pallet End Table

The end table and sofa tables are quite similar to each other except a few distinctions. The sofa tables are a bit bigger in size and are placed at the back of the sofa with some decorative pieces on it. The end tables usually small in size, are made to compliment your compact spaces like living area. They carry small but wide in use things like TV remotes, cell phones, refreshments, when placed next to your chair or sitting sofa. It has been made from the pallet wood’s recycling, to save your effort, time and hardly earned money.

This pallet end table or console table features a top broad shelve and a bottom built in shelf for the storing plans of your stuff. It can also be used as a study table employed with a chair, assembling all your books and notebooks in order at one place. The end table will provide a balance to your home décor with a holding space of regular items at your arm’s length. It flaunts the natural wooden vibe with its unfinished tone, but you can stain it to match with the sofa or chair, it is to be placed next.

Recycled pallet end table
This end table has been got from the recycling of the pallet wood to favor you with with this functional table to carry things like remotes, mobiles and coffee mugs when you are relaxing on a chair or a sofa.
Regained pallet end table
This end table have two shelves to serve your storage needs to the fullest, supported with the four legged base unit. Stain it with variety of colors if you don’t like the natural look of the wood.

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