Pallet XL Size Coffee Table

When you invite a bunch of friends to your house, you need more space for sitting as well as a large size table to serve you better and nicely at occasions. Keeping in mind this gathering purpose, DIY is introducing this XL size coffee table to meet your needs well at occasional times. Its large size does not means the high rates, it is very pocket friendly but it would definitely take a lot time to get ready for its giant size. What makes the table cheaper, durable and yet so functional is the material it is derived from and that is ‘pallet wood’ now a known and famous source for furniture making.

The pallet boards have been given an ingenious treatment to get this huge pallet coffee table, which leaves you with a broad top shelf, drawers and cubbies at the both sides for extra storage spaces. The legs of the table are though small and low, but very wide and thick in fiber for a stronger support system. Along with the storage and embellishing purposes, the table can serve you as a bed for a cozy sleep when your bed is occupied by the staying visitors or relatives. Give it a splash of colors for more enchanting look.

Recycled pallet large size coffee table
The XL in size coffee table has been designed and shaped to meet you increasing demands of storage. It has been lay out from the pallet wood around you with a pile up pallet planks in series. Nails, bolts and screws have been used a a hardware to lend strong formation.
Repurposed pallet extra large coffee table
The large in size table can serve you another purpose inspite of the storage, that is you can use it as sleeping bed at needy hours just with a mattress on it for its adjustable and suitable design and shape. You can cover it with your favorite stain for more refined look


Reclaimed pallet giant size coffee table
The planks has been stacked together in such a way that cubbies are formed at the both sides. moreover two drawer with wooden knobs are also crafted at the width side to maximize its functionality and housing ability.

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