Pallet Console Table

If you think you there should be something useful to fill the empty space of the hall area than this DIY pallet console table would be preferred first by you when you have taken a glimpse of it. This natural and rustic looking table has been the obtained from the rebirth of the pallet wood which enhances it features along with the sturdy and low in cost composition. The table contains two consoling shelves with a four legged base for solid and durable support.

The upper shelve can be utilized to display decorous things like vases, flower baskets and glass jars. The lower built in shelf can be used to exhibit the picture frames and other artifacts of handicrafts. Besides the consoling purpose you can also use the table as a food table to enjoy the tasty sips of soups or the evening snacks with style. It has been dealt with the protection coating only, to retain its natural warmth and wooden texture that will employ an elevated look to your decor.

Reclaimed pallet console table or hall table
This console table has been acclaimed from the reuse able pallet wood with two shelves to house your handy crafts and other embellishing items in your hall area, energizing the decor level with its rustic and natural features and texture.
Recycled pallet console or hall table
The table can also be used to serve you snacks ans soups at the evening or brunch time accompanied with a stool or a chair. When not in use it can be utilized for the display of show pieces of different kinds

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