Pallet Coffee Table with Tapered Top

Do you really want to put your home developments on fast track? Then gain whatever you are having in desires from pallets from decorous to functional! Pallet wood just provides you the way to approach the modern living style with ease and with much less expenditures of money! On the other hand, recycling of pallets is also a holy task as by recycling the pallets we are actually decreasing the cutting of trees!

If you want to live more with pallets then give them some defined and functional shapes that we use in routine just like this pallet coffee table, a chic table design built with care and owns a unique style due to its unique top! Table comes on 3 stable legs to support the tapered table top made eyeful with amazing sandpaper work! Popped up splinters and thoroughly removed as there no splinters there are no injuries! This table will rock at patio side and would also be a complimentary addition to a garden sofa set!

recycled pallet coffee table
Tabletop has been given a sharp cut for a tapered look and has been made stable on 3 robust wooden legs cut down in accord to the table-height! This is table would be a pleasure to own and would definitely be a signified addition to your patio or garden sitting furniture sets!
reclaimed pallet coffee table with 3 legs
pallet stringer give extra support to tabletop and legs by acting as cross beams! Build the triangular base first using pallet-made legs and removed pallet stringers and secure the joints with screws! One can also sit on it and can use it as a bench in hours of need!
upcycled pallet coffee table with 3 legs and tapered tabletop
Make the tapered tabletop nicely sit on the triangular base and settle it tightly down using hardware! Finish it through sanding, staining, varnishing and also through painting for gleaming, lustrous and colorful table design to rock your sitting plans!

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