DIY Office and Study Table

Working at home sometimes becomes very troublesome due to the disturbance and lack of privacy. With this DIY pallet industrial table you can create your own little work station in any empty corner of the house for its less spaces taking and highly functional design. it will help you to work with concentration as the table has enormous space to house all your important files and paper along with the computer or laptop.

The table is brought to life by the recycling of the pallet wood. The table has been built with clean edges and minimalist lines with a support of long, strong and thick legs. A headboard is also attached to the table to increase its practical application where you can paste your reminders, important notes or prepared projects. An alternative purpose of the table is its use as a study table for the bright young students at your home accompanied by a comfy chair. It has been sanded well for a smooth and soft surface to make you work with more delicacy.

Recycled pallet working table
This working table has been acclaimed from the pallet wood to privatize your working space at home. It can suit and fit to any corner of the house for its adjustable design and features. You can put all your industrial stuff on the table and work without disturbance.
Repurposed pallet working table
Having a spacious ability to hold your laptops,books files etc it can be your working or study table either. The large head board is crated to increase the practicality level with a rustic touch to your decor

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