Chestnut Pallet Coffee Table with 2 Drawers

We will let you know some more fab tricks here to be a legend in building furniture with pallets! There is a big list of pallet coffee table ideas out of 100% pallets but this DIY pallet coffee table with 2 drawers is a very new addition, it has been composed of chestnut pallets and owns a highly glam tone of wood, really spell-binding! For a stunning industrial look and touch, it has been raised on metal hairpin legs which are made of reclaimed iron scrap grabbed from home!

Table comes on a low cozy height level so would be more convenient to approach while sitting on a living room sofa! It has been got storage-friendly due to addition of 2 drawers, can be targeted to store the personal stuff like books, mobile phones and weekly journals and magazines! Polyurethane would be highly recommended options if you need to give a semi gloss finish, epoxy resins can also be used if want to bring the wood grains out with amazing sparkle on them!

recycled chestnut pallet coffee table with 2 drawers

Chestnut pallets have been recycled for this extraordinary coffee table craft, look stunning in final enchanting wooden tone, the graceful light walnut!

reclaimed chestnut pallet coffee table with metal hairpin legs

Table will be adorable addition to both modern and mid century living room and would make a better centerpiece table also for your deck sofas, garden lounges and also for patio sitting sets!

upcycled wooden chestnut pallet coffee table with 2 drawers and metal hairpin legs

Just pull the drawers out to fill them with material you are not to use later or during the sitting session, these drawers are actually the secrete stashes making the table all look unique!

Made by: Meuble en palette

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