Pallet Sofa Set under Garden Gazebo

Gazebos are designed to add style and shade to your small lawn, compact patio or the balconies, to make you enjoy the open atmosphere even in the scorching sunshine of the summer. So a beautiful sofa set should be placed under the stylishly established gazebo setting in your garden or patio area for complimentary decor of the outdoor. This DIY pallet sofa set along with a compatible coffee table will perfectly suit your gazebo, enhancing its sophistication and charm.

A bulk of the pallet planks has been used to accomplish this XL size sofa set with table. After the pallet plank’s compilation and raw shape of the sofas, it has been adorned with a fabric couching and a bunch of colorful and cozier cushions to up grade you relaxing and soothing times under the cool shade of the gazebo.

Pallet Outdoor Sofa

A splash of contrasting hues and colors will give wings to your modern chic patio decor,  to enjoy a party time with friends, or tasty meals with your beloved family in a trendy way.

Recycled pallet sofa set under gazebo
This pallet sofa for the patio has been designed to give a gearing up to your social activities at your home. Being XL in size and with a table possession, this furnishing set will give enormous room to have party at weekends.
If you are wishing for a promotion, call your boss to have a dinner with you at your trendy gazebo with a stunning piece of this sofa set and get your boss impressed. You can also held a family lunch there, to spend some momentous time with them
Reclaimed pallet sofa set under gazebo
The sofa set has been accentuated with a fabric foaming sheets and the cozy cushions to make it look more a treat to the eyes with its glam and refined look right in the middle of your garden. Its staining is must for the weather protection.

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