Pallet Outdoor Sofa with Comfort Back

The sunshine of winters is so soothing that every body gets out of the houses and enjoys the outdoors to the fullest. The warming rays of sun when strikes our body, we feel very comfortable and cozify. That is why an outdoor area likes garden or patio, must be so that you can witness and feel the beauty of every weather. And if you are having many members in your family then you need to bring some big sitting plans and this DIY pallet outdoor sofa is an apt way to do that. Reclaimed from the pallet wood the sofa would not cost you even a dollar for its functional and gorgeous possession.

Having an arm free structure, the pallet sofa exhibits a very beautiful design and style that would fit to every house no matter what type of decor they cherish. It comes with a moderate back and spacious berth seat, resting on sturdy legs at the base. The multi color stripes, painted on the back rest, create a very majestic look of the sofa. Pad it well and enjoy a most comfortable seat sitting under the shiny blue umbrella.

Reclaimed pallet outdoor sofa
Seating plans should be top on your list when planning the embellishing of your outdoor spaces like garden and patio. this pallet sofa is the right option to be adopted as it is gorgeous, functional and cost free project.
diy pallet outdoor sofa
The beautiful sofa boats a very up to date design coming with an arm free structure yet having a gorgeous and comforting back rest with medium height and spacious berth seat letting more then two people to have a seat at a time.
pallet outdoor sofa
Pallet wood comes in skids for frequently where ever you attain it from, you need to dismantle and cut it into thin slats for the back rest and big slat pieces to form the berth seat. Use a circular saw for faster results.
Repurposed pallet outdoor sofa
The back rest has been added to the structure with a little bent so that you can rest your tired back on it when having a joyful time in the open and natural ambiance of outdoor spaces.
Recycled pallet outdoor sofa
The beauty of the palet sofa is hidden in its unique and gorgeous style of staining and that is multi color stripes on the back rest and more coziness has been added by padding the sofa well on the berth seat.

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