Adorable Pallets Wood Crate Shelves

Crates are found in almost every house some storage purposes. Like the baby bottle station, a towel housing unit and for the holding of a bunch of books. Have you ever thought these crates can play a great functional and decorous role if stacked together with each other? If no then this DIY adorable pallet crate shelves would let you to rethink bout the crates and their value. This gorgeously built shelving unit has been attained from the pallet crates to let you enjoy a complete storage station for a number of items in your house.

And the pallet wood durability and the sturdiness would allow the shelves to hold as many items as you want on its firm structure. You can pile up the crates as much in number as much shelves you need to store and house your accessories. And the staining session would make these crate shelves look super cool to fit in any decor type that your home cherishes.

wooden pallet crate shelves
If you have some empty and free lying crates in your house then just throw them out of the house as they can make a new use getting recycled like this pallet crate shelf.
pallet crate shelves
If you have already existing crates in your house then you just have to stack them together and over each other to form this extremely storage friendly pallet shelf for your house.
Recycled pallet crate shelves
IF you don’t have crates then you can use the pallets to form the crates first using the customized pieces of the pallet slats nailed together to shape up a crate and then the rest construction of a crate shelf.
diy pallet crate shelves
The number of crates would make the crate shelf of your own desire many crates would make a big shelf while a few would built a small shelf unit depending on your storage needs.
Repurposed pallet crate shelves
The last step would be staining the crate shelves into some gorgeous and striking shades to make them look suitable and complimentary for your house decor.

Made by: Guam’s Pallet Guy

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