Vintage Pallet Furniture Designs for Shop

Extending its range from mere house furniture, DIY has stepped into the commercial zone of shop and store furniture with an industrial element. This is pallet furniture fir shop renovation with two cloth and a jewelry organizer. These DIY jewelry and cloth units will trigger your surprise and amazement with their awful designs and shape. They have been given distinguished pallet setups to display the products for sale. The jewelry organizer is built in an inspirational design with many shelves for the exhibition of the versatile jewelry for women.

Then the cloth rack has been fabricated with a hanging bar at the top and a lowered base shelf for the smart exposure of cloths and shoes. The 3rd item is rolling cloth unit, extremely interesting looking and highly functional with a wardrobe cabinet and hanging rod to house all your cloth collection in a trendy and stylish way. All three pallet furniture items will give wings to the practicality and utility of your running store and will definitely grab the attention of every buyer making them say ‘wow’. They can be stained in diverse hues and shades to add an extra eminent factor.

Repurposed pallet jewelry organizer
This pallet jewelry rack or holder has been achieved by trimming the pallet wood in a genius way with a large capacity of storage. Where you can place your selling pieces of jewelry in an embellishing way,maximizing the decor of your store,which will invite many onlookers to visit your shop.
Recycled pallet rolling cloth cabinet
your store needs that type of furniture which is built in solid formation and is highly durable. This pallet rolling cloth unit is one them. The wheels will make it a moving wardrobe which can be easily ported to any adjustable part of your shop.
Reclaimed pallet cloth and shoe rack
This pallet cloth and shoe rack is very practical and charming at the same time, making your shop to stand separate among the others.It will expose your collection in an appealing and captivating manner. It also has drawers at the base for extra storage space.

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