Recycled Pallet Dog Bowl Holder

Dogs are the most adopted pets in the world. The pet lovers look up their pets especially the dogs like their children in every matter. They take a lot of care of their eating and drinking to build a strong relationship with their lovely pets. The feeding of dogs requires a lot of stamina and strength as dogs themselves can not arrange their own food. DIY has something very special for your dogs in their eating times.

This is DIY pallet dog bowl holder made with and ingenious effort and little money. The material of the dog dish is reclaimed pallet wood of the barns or shipping skids. You can also recycle any old pallet furniture lying useless at home. Two steel bowls have been fitted in the pallet log which has two small legs to stand on. The dog dish has been painted dark brown to create a vintage look to feed your dog in style.

Regained pallet Dog dish
The feeding of dogs is no more a difficult task now as this pallet dog dish has made it quite easy to feed them. The dog dish contains two steel bowls one for the food and other for the water for the luxury of your lovely pet.
Re purposed pallet dog dish
This dog dish has been built from a pallets with two fixed steel bowls at the edges. The dog dish will make it possible for your dog to eat without scattering the food here and there giving your house a neat look.It can be stained for protection and smoothness.

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