Reclaimed Pallet Dog Bed

Your dog wants to sleep inside home or he wants to take naps in the backyards, this DIY pallet dog bed would surely make his sleep hours more comfortable and relaxing. Dogs can not take care of themselves, nor can they choose what is good for them and what is not. So it is entirely your duty to make them feel all at ease all the time. They stroll with you, play with you and please your kids, so now it is your turn to pay them pack some favor and nothing cold be more worthy then this bed for them.

Being contrived from the pallets its durability and sturdiness is guaranteed. Pallet stripes have been brought to use to compose the medium height walls and the pallet deck board has participated in the making of sleep birth. Small but thick pallet bars are serving as the legs of the bed, making it stand leveled on the floor. A cozy cushion has been fixed in the bed to enhance comfort level and has been sanded well at the end.

Recycled pallet dog bed
This pallet dog bed would make your dog happy and you too when this bed would cost your free.IT has been designed getting inspiration from the baby cribs.
Repurposed pallet dog bed
After completing the pallet structure, lend it with a cozy and comfy cushion so that the pet can relax after playing with you and chasing the ball.
Reclaimed pallet dog bed
The dog bed has been sanded for protection and can be stained in a variety of colors to make it match and compatible with your home decor and furniture.

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