Pallet Shop Counter– Pallet Shop Project

Avail the pallets for shop renovations, remodeling and to extend the overall functionality! Diverse different ideas are available to get amazing furniture out of pallets for your coffee shop, restaurant, workshop and also for your office! Checkout this DIY pallet shop counter, planned for a big dealing criteria and comes in L-shape! The dimensions, storage compartments and different customer dealing sections have purely been planned with pallets and have been yielded ingeniously! One can also get the amazing pallet office reception desks, office waiting room furniture, office computer desks, restaurant furniture and amazing work benches out of pallets!

Art style shelves have also been installed just by reclaiming the remaining pallet boards in this case! The display compartments of the counters have been finished with glass top just to make everything visible to customers! The “3KINGS” name tag has also been crafted with pallets and give the fab personal touch to whole counter! Counter also comes on wheels so one can easily dislocate or move the counter to either direction! This is the best counter eve designed with pallets and is having robust dimensions to live an extra long life!

wooden pallet shop organizing
This total pallet shop renovation has been done at ever lowest cost and really be highly advantageous suggestion for show owners! This another great free plan here to avail the free wood pallet source! Elegant pallet shop counters and some art style shelves have beautifully been installed using pallets!
upcycled pallet shop counter
The counters have been raised to their fullest as they come with sub storage cabinets creatively planned underneath and also offer a plenty of drawers to secure your bills, dollars and delivery receipts The cabinets can be targeted for a large type of storage of relevant shop accessories and stuff!
diy wooden pallet shop counters with glass top
To prominently display the items which are to sell, the counters have been given awesome glass tops and hence looks completely mind-blowing and manufactured ones! The overall shape of the counter is inspired of a L-shape!
wooden pallet low cost shop counter
At the corner of the counter a 3 tiered shelving unit has been installed that can create a mind-boggling display of various shop items to hold attention of customers! Wood has amazingly been sanded down and gritted for a standout look!
self-installed pallet shop counter
Custom wooden cutouts have been modified to build the “3KINGS” company tag and hence distinguished look of the counter has been gained! Caster wheels have been selected to create a super smooth rolling movement of all counter units!

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