Pallet Display Furniture for Shops

If you are planning to run a boutique or a dress store, you must know how important it is to have functional yet attractive furnishing items for the display of your collection. If you are thinking to buy market display units on your budget, then you are barking up the wrong tree as the prices of ready made furniture touch the sky. Don’t get disappointed when DIY is always here to lessen the lines on your forehead. We have created this Pallet display furniture to save you from the inflation attacks, as it has been regenerated from the pallet wood. The reason behind the use of pallet wood is very obvious, it is durable, heavy duty, sturdy but yet cheap and in your financial reach.

Pallets plank forms the base of the unit, with and initial structure of pallet slats on it. Then the wide enough pieces of the pallet stripes have been added to each side of this empty structure with the help of bolts and nuts for stronger composition. Iron hanging rods have been drilled in this rustic display unit to hold your clothe in hangers on it. It would enhance the practicality and industrial beauty of your shop, and can be build many in number for sufficient display of your all items. it can be stained for more glam looks with bright colors to attract the customers.

Reclaimed pallet shop display unit
This is the initial structure formation of your shop display unit, with pallet slats and planks. so that you can give functional and beautiful furniture to your boutique or dress store at cheaper cost. But they are as durable and sturdy as any market bought furnish item.
recycled pallet shop display unit
The display unit has been employed with two steel hangings rods at each sides, for the hold up of many clothes in hangers. It has been built at a medium height so that every customer can easily select his favorite items.
Repurposed pallet shop display unit
After sanding it down smooth, the unit is ready to display the cloth, jacket or dress collection. But staining can make it more a whimsical piece to stand in the center of your shop. These units can be built many in number to meet your displaying needs.

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