Pallet Chest for Storage

DIY is making the life of every individual easier by providing simple solution for every problem you are facing to make your dwelling well to look and operate at the same time! The problem that often makes us confused is the lack of money or lack of home furniture! Both these problems can beautifully be solved through pallet wood medium, a big recycling material that has so much participation to so raised popularity of pallet projects!

Pallets just make it easy to build every furniture item this DIY pallet chest or storage trunk  a little demonstration here to let your know about some basic recycling uses of pallets! This is a little attribute of pallet wood towards home storage solution can be a employed to store a given set of things neat like toys, tools, clothes and pieces of jewelry! Metal Chain support has been added for safe and easy closing and opening session!

wooden pallet chest
Most of pallet furniture constructions are done with straight sturdy pallet boards which can easily be grabbed though deconstruction of pallet which is a little tough task to do sometime! Using the torn apart pallet lengths and shape up a big box first!
repurposed pallet wooden chest
Add the top lid and support it with metal chain for stable opening and safe closing! Lid has also been designed with pallets boards got through a dismantling process!
diy wooden pallet chest
Due to participation of so much wooden slats the designs really gets bulky so it would be difficult to move or drag it to either direction! This issue has been beautifully been solved using metal caster wheels at bottom!
chest made of pallets
The chest will be rocking for blanket, toy, cloth and shoes storage and can also taken in use to secure you work shop apparatus and tools with great ease! Top lid will not only block the access but will also keep the inside stored items dust free for a longer period of time!

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