DIY Wood Pallet TV Stand – Tutorial

Today we are again having fun with free pallets by making utterly gorgeous pallet TV stand this time, which is the one of the furnishing essentials. Organizing your all media stuff, the media table would add much to your living room decor with its enchanting look. Having center shelf, an upright built shelf and four drawers at the base, you would get a huge storage space for your media knick knacks without any clutter look in the beautiful living room.

If you are also in need of a media table or stand then the under discussion item would be your first option once you have peeked into it. So go through the tutorial for full information and guideline.

Materials/ Supplies/ Tools:

  • Pallet wood, from any free resource or buy with easy approach and some pieces of lumber
  • Hand saw, jig, saw or circular saw, hammer, screw gun, drill
  • A lot of hardware like nails, screws and metal hinges
  • Sanding powder or sanding paper
  • Chocolaty stain, brush and polyurethane for protection and
  • Wood sealer if needed
Reclaimed pallet media table basic frame
Once you have dismantled the pallets, the first step would be cutting of pallet slats or boards and beams out of pallet skid to form this basic structure.Pallet beams have been yoked together with nails giving you a leggy support, with a stacking of customized cut pallet boards on it forming a table top like structure.
Repurposed pallet media stand
In the second step, more board and beam pieces have been sawed from the pallet wood to shape up the drawer divider with beams and drawer pochets with an added shelving layer using nails to make it fix tightly on the initial structure.
media table with upright shelf
Here in the third step you would need to drill the lumber pieces and add a lumber shelf at the upright section by using screws with screw gun. This upright shelf unit would be attached to the initial platform of the media stand.
pallet rustic media stand or table
The Upright shelf unit made out of lumber pieces have been fixed to the half ready media stand structure with some drilled bolts and nuts for a firm and strong fixation as an extension to the storage structure.
pallet media table with four drawers
The Drawer openings have been supplied with wooden glides which have fixed in the drawer openings using nails or screws whatever suits you more.If you use screws you would need screw driver as the screw gun would not reach there. Drawers also have been prepared separately from the pallet pieces by measuring the dimensions of the pochets.
Recycled pallet media stand
in this step Drawers have fixed into the opening by using black metal hinges at the front with screws, for easy and soft glide at every opening and closing sessions.Drill holes in the drawers for the rope handle fixation before inserting them into the table composition. It has gone under many sanding periods for a splinter free and smooth touch.
Rustic Media stand or table
Then we Stained the media table chocolaty Brown shade for a natural rustic feel with a nice brush for a good looking finish and to make the table an invincible part of home decor and furniture.Protect it with a layer of polyurethane for a lasting presence, and if some let out holes are get witnessed use wood sealer.
pallet media stand
Here table is completely ready to flaunt its utter beauty and functionality in a living room furniture or a t.v lounge making all your media apparatus like t.v and laptop displayed on the middle shelf, Cd’s, and DVDs in the drawers and some ornamental pieces with some picture frames on the upright shelf.

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