DIY Pallet 3 Step Stairs – 100% Reclaimed

Stairs just make it possible to reach the higher levels of your housing! There lies a big range of stairs from 3 step stair to a hundred step stairs! However, if you need some instant stairs you can take help from pallets and this would also be highly cost-efficient! We have provided here a little guidance in shape of this DIY pallet stairs project which are just long living due hardwood pallet nature and also friendly to open and outdoor environments!

An instant solution to build some steps or stairs on a budget, clone it and bring a touch of sophistication to your outdoor cabins, garden tiny house and for gazebos which have been made a little higher or off the ground! Use the pallet deck boards to build each step of the stair and you will have to deconstruct some pallets to get a bund of separated apart pallet deck boards! Just build three steps with height of each 2nd one a little bit higher than the first one!

Just divide the whole vertical distance by building the according number stair steps and that it!

handmade wooden pallet stairs
This stair project has only been done by using a bunch of pallet deck boards separated apart thought a dismantling process! Each horizontal surface of each step has been build with 3 removed pallet slats and according cut down sizes of vertical boards have been added to give the desired height level! All you need to build up some U-shapes with different height levels using torn apart pallet wood deck!
recycled pallet stairs
This is just a no-cost and super quick recommendation to install some heavy duty stairs at your entryway! Wood has been cut out in stars shapes that can make amazing light exposure at night if you put some light under the stair steps! Possibilities are just never ending for further modification, decors and knickknacks!

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