Wood Pallet Vertical Planter

People are bringing back the greenery to their lives in the shape of planters and planting shelves. They are using them to have a herb garden near their kitchen, to add stylish statements to their walls and entry way and for a visual pleasing look of their garden or the patio area. For the multiple uses and applications, planters come in different shapes and design to sooth your aesthetic sense which demands a natural and understated look for their home decor.

That’s why DIY has tried its best to provide you all the variety of the planters, including this DIY pallet vertical planter, to carry your plants and herbs with a touch of style and ongoing trends. These kits have been prepared from the reclaimed pallet wood for durability and less burden on your pocket. These garden kits are best to use in indoor or outdoor for their small size and stunning design.

They can be displayed in the entryway or hall area to exalt the beauty element of your decor with their rustic feel. If you are intending to use them in garden, they will look fantastic standing in the pathway or aliened to the fencing walls.

Recycled pallet veritcal planter kit
This pallet planter has been built vertically to hold your flowers and herbs in a stylish way. It is the yield of pallet recycling that’s why will cause less burden on your pocket providing you durability to the last.
Repurposed pallet vertical planter kit
This vertical planter unit can be displayed at the outside of your kitchen door or entryway. or you can place it at the walls of your garden area with its natural and rustic flair and tones

Idea by: Rescuedpallet

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