Upcycled Wood Pallet Planter Box

It is simpler than a child’s play to build simple boxes out of pallets! After you get pallet boards separated into individual lengths, it would be all easy for you to build anything special out of those single pallet slats, even a big box! A large wooden container has been built here which has then after been given a potting soil fill to give this DIY pallet planter box, would be amazing addition to raise garden aesthetics! Here this large rectangular wooden container has been added with divider inside, gives the two separate compartments for growing two different kinds of plants or flowers at one time!

You newly built deck will accept this natural centerpiece with open arm for natural garnishing, you can even shift it to your balcony space for a garden like atmosphere and it can be placed just in sides of your main entrance as an enchanting natural decor! Get the pallet wood stripes and pack them tight to clone this robust wooden container in no time!

recycled pallet planter

You can decide any custom dimensions of this wooden planter and also the desired number of inside built compartments, just to get it a well suiting addition to your targeted space!

no-cost wooden pallet planter

One can even make this entire planter box painted that would be a way to add colors to targeted space which may be your garden, your balcony and even the patio area!

Made by: Prestige Pallets

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