Pallet Patio Planter for Wall

You are truly a lucky person if you have a large garden or patio area, to enjoy the warm sunshine in the winters and cool breeze in the summers with your family. But have you ever thought what you can do with this space relative to the decorous purpose? If no, than you would definitely take a step forward to raise the decor level of your house after watching this beautifully crafted pallet planter with mounted shelves or racks. These pleasing planters have been reclaimed form the pallet wood which is very easy and cheap to be used for any project.

These hanging planters carry your flowery plants and herbs in a stylish way. You can display them on the walls of your garden or patio to enrich the natural properties. You can use screws, bolts or any other hardware to fix them on the walls. If you like them heartily then you can built more than one planter and stain them per to your choice for bright and subtle details in your decor.

Recycled pallet patio planter
This mounted planter has been a remarkable creation of the pallets, to enrich the beauty of your patio wall in an interesting way. Recycled from the pallet wood, this planter has been contrived from pallet bars with a storage rack to carry your plants and herbs. It has been stick to the wall with hardware like bolts or screws.
Reclaimed pallet patio planter
Being cheap in price they can be made more than one for a whole gallery of the planters on your patio walls with different flowers and plants in them. Their unfinished look lends a rustic flair blended with the natural texture an color.

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