DIY Stunning Pallet Planter

Nature reflects best in flowers and plants, and there is unique and unexpected idea for the plant lovers to get the charming vibes of nature daily right in their patio or garden area. This is DIY pallet planter, crafted out of pallets in an exquisite and intricate design. The pallets have been undergone recycling to be shaped up in this delicately patterned planter. The planter can be hung up on the walls of your garden to double its beauty and charm, with the pleasantly bloomed flowers in it.

This handmade planter is quite easy to make and cheap in budget so that you can employee as many of them as you want to glorify the style and accent. Above that it can be displayed on the walls of your interior for an eye catching and dazzling look. The planter will surely win the praise of every visitor of your house with its stunning features. You can stain in the contrasting shades of the wall on which they are to be hung. So, get this lovely planter as soon possible to add an extra glam and character to your decor.

Regained pallet hanging planter
This gorgeous looking planter has been fabricated from pallets in a recycling process. This planter will intensify the the beauty of your patio when displayed at the walls like an exceptional piece of art work. The flowers of pleasing colors give it a more enchanting color.
Recycled pallet planter
This pallet planter is an extra-ordinary possession of your home decor which can be employed to both interior or exterior to make the walls speak volumes. The planter can be stained in the contrasting colors of the walls for protection and extra beauty purpose.

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