4 Seater Pallet Outdoor Bench or Sofa

Outdoors are a way to get instant relaxation as plenty of breezes and enchanting greenery sooth your nerves there! To get a lovely sitting spot at your outdoor or in garden may be one of your bigger desires, if it is really then you can help yourself with low-cost but creative DIY projects to get extremely bewitching sitting points at your outdoor! Recycling of old woods like pallets should be first priority to lower down your expenditures for getting lasting outdoor furnishings just like this DIY 4 seater pallet bench, can be added to any paved patio or green outdoor just to sit in free time, would be mind-blowing for 4 people sitting at one time!

Take the pallets into pieces and then reestablish them creatively to gain this longer sitting bench, total framework is about the slatted filling of pallets! Removed dice sections of pallets give the robust armrests, there are 4 backrests, each made of a set of 3 equally long and thick pallet planks! Would be an adorable bench to sit at your favorite outdoor location and can even be cushioned to turn it into a stylish sofa!

repurposed wooden pallet 4 seater bench and sofa frame

This outdoor bench is made of 2 wooden seats that can even be set apart at any time to serve as 2 individual seats! But here they have been combined to give a longer wooden bench or sofa frame!

recycled pallet 4 seater bench or sofa frame

First you need to go for a lattice framework that will also include the legs, both these to together will give the base frame of the seat which can be filled later using single slats of pallets!

repurposed wooden pallet 4 seater bench

Here each seat stands on 6 beefy legs that has been raised to build also the stylish armrest positions! Strong bounding has been created among the legs using cross supports!

handcrafted wooden pallet 4 seater sofa or bench

Finally the custom mini backrests have been added to make it look completed, cushion it for a cozy and super soft feel of sitting comfort!

Made by: Studio 4 home decor namestaj od paleta

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