Raised Pallet Dog Food Bowl Stand

Pet feeding is a fun but can cause great disturbance if not done in a proper way! If you are not having a suitable system to feed your pet then you will soon your home dirty and untidy! With everyday progress of DIY world now the pet lovers now the pet lovers would be able to get better strategies to feed their pets especially the dogs and cats!

Have these DIY pallet dog bowl stand and make dog-feeding a neat task to do at daily bases! The whole table like shape has been designed with wooden pallets using only the straight boards while the steels bowls are market-bought ones! Just built the table top with circular cavities or holes to fit the bowls in and provide a mannered way to your dog to eat to his fill! You can give it a turquoise, light blue and milky paint shade for an elegant touch and can also add some dog related symbols or shapes like dog-bone or dog-paw signs to let it be more favorite to your dog!

pallet dog feeder
If you have a pet you would definitely know difficult it is to feed the dogs many times a day. and if you don’t have some proper feeders the dogs would scatter the food here and there and can not eat well that is why we have created this gorgeous dog feeder.
Pallet god feeders with steel bowels
This utterly gorgeous and practical dog bowl stand has been achieved from the pallets for a cheap possession. A pallet board have been inserted with two steel bowls and has been made to stand on small legs. So do copy this extremely feasible and easy to build plan to perform your dog feeding tasks more conveniently.
pallet dog bowel stands
Don’t forget to sand the feeders well as the splinters may hem the dogs, and you can stain in every desired color of your choice like w have chose turquoise and brown for exquisite look.You can also cover it with some protector oil for lasting effects.

Pallet Dog Bowl Stand with Storage

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