Pallet Toilet Paper Roll Organizer

Little items, crafts and structural units of all time need, can also be designed creatively with pallets! To let you get a home with all time functional materials DIY has very innovative approaches and researches! DIY projects mind-blowing solutions to bypass the luxury and fashionable life and today’s sharing will speak all about this DIY pallet toilet paper roll organizer which is a very crucial need of every bathroom interior!

However for a kitchen wall, the toilet rolls can be replaced with towels and this can be brought to action as a pallet towel rack to clean your hands after each cooking attempt! After a totally construction of a pallet boards, the straight boards have been chosen to install this very simple structure offering two shelving levels and a rod to hold the toilet paper roll!

The final antique look has been created through a process of wood burning and hence the final finish has been done in a neat way!

pallet toilet paper roll holder
Using dismantled pallets slats, this wooden holding has been installed that offers 2 shelving levels at the same and which are having width compatible to store the toilet paper rolls! A wooden dowel has been fixed between the lower feet of this wooden holding to set off one roll for use!
scorched pallet toilet paper roll organizer
Edges have been made round at bottom side for awesome focal stimulation and nails have been added to give lasting attachments to slatted planks! Just by giving a little twist you can also change it into a towel rack that will also rock on the same bathroom interior wall!
handmade wooden pallet toilet paper roll organizer
For a distinguished and dazzling look, the wood has been burned in a moderate way to still keep the glowing wood tone visible to onlookers! However, you can also decided some paint or stain coats to let it appear in a personally liked visual!

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