DIY Pallet Laundry Storage Unit

Laundry day seems to be the toughest day of the week because it’s a very difficult task to clean, wash and then organize the clothes, some times it causes headache. We know you are never going to love laundry work in any way, but we can make it easier and managing for you with DIY laundry ideas. The very solution to this nuisance creating task is this DIY pallet laundry storage unit, your assistant in doing laundry. It has been built from the recycled pallet wood and some baskets at home. A pallet box like structure is built first with the sliding totes in accord to the size of the baskets to be fit in it.

You can organize the washed clothes in the baskets separately according to their color, size and delicacy of the fabric. Or you can designate each bin for each family member to carry his clothes only. In this way you can arrange the clothes in a proper and organized way making you take sighs of relief. You can add more baskets per to your need or you can create more than one units of this kind, where you can keep all the clothes of the house folded and can be easily unloaded just by pulling the sliding baskets.

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Recycled pallet laundry storage unnit
This laundry unit has been designed to lend a helping hand to the ladies doing laundry. It has been formed from the pallets and some spare storage baskets at your home. The baskets can be filled with the washed clothes and can be approached any time just with an easy sliding of the baskets.
Reclaimed pallet laundry storage Unit
You can add more storage sections in accord to your need just by increasing the numbers of the baskets. its functionality can be exalted with the addition of wheels for easy portable in and out. or you can have more units like this.

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