Vintage Inspired Pallet Picture Frames

Pictures capture the most memorable and joyful moments of your life forever. It is through pictures and images that you can recall your good and happy time and also your loved ones who have gone away. So pictures and images are portrait of your life and its events and thus occupy a special place in your life. DIY has made these special and lovely pallet frames to enclose your picture perfect with some extra glam and charm.

These frames have been built from pallet wood that is very easy to be recycled again and again. It has been equipped with hooks at the back of the frames to hang them on the wall in order. You can make one frame for your portrait or you can build up a whole gallery from pallet. The pallet picture frames will give a natural and simple look to your walls as they are very subtle in style. So make as many frames as possible to make your wall tell the stories of your life.

Repurposed pallet picture frame
This picture frame is very creative in design.It is built from pallet wood making four small frames and placing them together as one on the wall displaying your kid’s valuable moments.These frames can be fixed on any wall of the house like that of hallway,entryway, living room or bedroom.It has been painted in dark brown you can stain it with your favorite color.
Rebuilt pallet picture frame
This pallet picture frame is a fanciful addition to the blank walls of your house with a little cost and effort.It has been painted in white stain to match up the color of the walls and for smooth touch.
Regained pallet picture frame
This is an innovative idea to use pallet wood in the making of these lovely frames to enclose your pictures. Being built from pallet they are money saving so you can make many frames without any load on your pocket.

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