Pallet Sleeping Hollow Wall Art

There is a flood of decorating ideas and themes for your interior on web. still every one of us runs after the unique and innovative designs to modish his house and especially his bedroom to mark his name. DIY is introducing you such a decorous piece that will set a trend on your part in the world of interior designing and decor. This is DIY sleeping hollow wall art, introduced in an excitedly new way to make you stand alone in the field of wall embellishing. This modern piece has been contrived from the pallet wood, which is now a handy tool for the creative people.

You can place it on the back wall of your bedroom to escalate its style with or with or anything on it. It has been filled with grain branches and silver accents for its timeless presence in your room. The sleeping hollow has been coated in white stain for the protection and glam and you can color it to match the other furnishing item of your room for the magnified attitude.

Reclaimed pallet sleeping hollow
This unusual and peculiar art piece has been acclaimed from the recycling of the pallet wood to highlight the walls of your bedroom.It can also be placed on other walls of the house for the freaking style statements. Hardware has been used to pile it up and to fix it in the wall for durability.
Recycled pallet sleeping hollow
This sleeping hollow has been filled with the grain branches accentuated in silver for its deviant and surreal presence. It has been coated in white paint to match the bedroom decor, you can select your favorite color to stain it. Beds Made Out of Pallets

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