Pallet Owls Art – DIY

If you love the sculptures and sculpting art then today’s sharing would be something mind-blowing to you, we have got here a little but amazing pallet sculpture idea to share with you! Just look at these DIY wood pallet owls art built with hands using scrap pieces of pallets and here they have been got for a visual boost to entire green space! These owls here have been hanged to garden fence wall and looks like real sitting owls if you see them from a distance!

Pallet leftover have been creatively got in required shapes to build different parts of wooden owl sculpture, and here precise wooden cutting tools would be recommended as you also need to create some curves here in the wooden pieces! The body of this wooden owl has been painted black while owl, wings, tail and eyes have a brighter tone of wood! You can do a lot more with your creative mind to get these wooden owls look more real and fantastic!

wooden pallet owl decors

These wooden owls hang there on fence wall over the nails, can even be mounted to your interior walls as fancy art creations!

no-cost wooden pallet owl

Here beak of owl has been denoted by using little orange paint, built a wooden parabola first and then add the other custom parts over to gain a owl sculpture!

wooden pallet owls

Use custom metal hoops to make the eyes of the owl, you need to modify scrap pallet pieces accordingly using sharp cutting tools to gain the right wooden parts for a faux but real like wooden owl!

diy pallet owl

You can give your owl art variation by varying the final paint colors, and also by changing the overall size! Would make a perfect gift also to please your kids!

Made by C&M Pallet Creations

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