DIY Pallet Multi Functional Organizer – Mason Jars

DIY always inspires you with their intensely wonderful and striking ideas to built newer and nicer things for your house either they are furniture items, decorous things, or patio projects. This case is no exception, where you witness these wooden pallet organizers, extremely dazzling and multifunctional. These organizers has been achieved through the stacking of pallet bars and empty mason jars attached to them in a distinctive pattern, serving you many purposes. This versatile organizer can be used in kitchen to categorize spoons, forks, spreaders and knives in apple pie order to avoid clatter in your kitchen.

Secondly, it can be utilized as patio planter, to house your flowery plants and herbs with an embellishing element. This beautiful planter can be hung up on any of the walls either interior or exterior in an artful and eye catching way. In bathroom this organizer can be employed to carry your stuff like make-up brushes, scissors, combs and cotton sticks in sorted and ordered manner for easy approach. They can be hung to the walls with the help of hooks for permanency. Yu can create one organizer or you can have a gallery of them to stylize your home decor in a different perspective.

Recycled pallet organizer
This product is a great and creative combo of pallets and mason jars which have been used in recycling. It can fixed to the wall of your bathroom with the storage of make up materials.
Rebuilt pallet organizer
This multi functional organizer can be displayed on the walls of your kitchen or dining area with the mason jars filled with spoons, forks and spreaders. It will award a appealing and cheerful look to the area.
Regained pallet organizer
With a versatile quality of multiple uses, this organizer would display your lovely plants an flower in an established manner, upgrading your interior decor and beauty.

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