Reclaimed Rocking chair

Rocking chair is associated as a relaxer for body and mind with its gentle back and forth movement. Most of the people relate its rocking movement to the rocking in mother’s arms or that in cradle when we are infants. So, to sooth your mind, body and nerves you must have a rocking chair in your house. Don’t need to market to by this chair when you can build it home with your own hands seeking guide from DIY furniture ideas and saving your valuable money.

All you need is to go outside and find some pieces of pallet wood, some carpentry tools like hammer, saw and some hardware like nails, bolts and screws. After completing this creative chair, you can paint it with your favorite color or you can stain it to the matching colors of other furnishing items. The chair will provide you hours of comfort either in your living area, bedroom or your garden.

Recycled pallet rocking chair
This rocking chair is made wholly from pallet wood with a recycled purposed of the wood. The chair comes with classy features, a long back, a wide seat with arms and two wooden bent bands at the end to rock your chair to and fro touching two points of the surface.
Reclaimed pallet rocking chair
This rocking chair will surely rock up your living spaces with its refined and sophisticated design. You can place it in the garden to spend some comfort time which can be enhanced more with a soft cushion on t.

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