Outdoor Pallet Lounge Chairs

There always some retired wooden items around us that just beg for recycling like cable spools, crates and pallets! Recycling potential of all these useless types of wood can drop your jaws with amazement! We are to share here a super creative construction work here that has been done using cable reels and pallets! Let this DIY fire pit pallet lounge chair ideas rock your outdoor space; these will be super comfortable to sit around a burning fire pit in chilly days!

Legs have been made with cable spools while the pallet lounger skeleton has been produced using pallets slats! Dual toned design just mesmerize the onlookers and cause great focally stimulation to whole of the design! This a brilliant idea to build special outdoor furniture using old woods from home! These pallet loungers can also targeted to enjoy a poolside area in hot sunny days! Throw some paint over it to get a changed modern look and do stain it to withstand the extreme outdoor weather!

Diy pallet lounge chairs
Enjoy the beauty of every weather taking full advantage of your outdoor spaces with this relaxing pair of lounging chair that has been built from the pallets for cost free possession.
pallet lounging pair of chairs
This pair of loungers is the beneficial blend of two recycled items for a cheaper or zero rate expenditure. Pallet wood has been reclaimed for the backrest and berth seat, while the cable spools have been re purposed by turning into armrests.
pallet outdoor lounge chair
Double up the fun of fire pit around sitting with your partner by building this utmost relaxing and comfort giving pair of chairs, by not letting the cold restrict to indoors only.
Up cycled pallet lounging chairs
The pallet part of the chair construction has been stained natural brown shade while the cable spool armrests have been painted in black, to form a very striking blend of colors which really make the chairs look rustic and shabby chic.

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