Pallet Bed and Coffee Table Project

Stacking of pallets can be magical sometime as it is becoming the most used trick for people all around the globe to build instant wooden frames for sofa and bed and even for custom coffee tables! Here we are with an incredible pallet achievement that is also all about creative gathering of uncut pallet boards, take a look at this DIY pallet bed with built-in computer desk, a marvelous wooden bed for those who just love to complete their assignments and office tasks before going to sleep!

The built-in computer or laptop desk is also made of pallets creative cut and modified to give the standing and storage-friendly desk! Here pallet boards have also been stand vertically behind the bed frame as a graceful piece of headboard there, finally there are red LED lights added to lower pockets built in the bed frame that makes the entire bed amazingly lighted at night!

pallet bed

At the end, remaining pallets have been stacked after getting white washed a little, for a beautiful coffee table that also provides openings to store your things inside of it! Coffee table has been personalized with a custom logo also!

Bed Comes with Built in Computer Desk:

stacked pallet bed with installed computer desk to one corner

Here a stock of HT pallets have been used to do this project which goes for an output of a bed and also of a coffee table! First of all the pallet boards have been put over each other for a custom pallet bed frame as you can see!

handmade wooden pallet bed with computer desk

Now here is a unique creative twist that makes the entire project rare and one-of-a-kind, it is the built-in computer desk that allow the user to operate his laptop or computer by sitting on the desk!

no-cost wooden pallet bed with built in computer desk

Here building a bed with whole pallets is a just a piece of cake, two boards of pallets have been aligned vertically as a headboard which enhances the look of the bed too!

repurposed wooden pallet bed with built-in computer desk

Here stack pallet bed frame provides also the little supports in side to keep the night material arm-reach, comfy up the cushion with your favorite mattress!

wooden pallet bed with computer desk

Finally the red lights have been put in the opening built in the bed frame which gives an amazing light spread at night making the bed frame look fancy!

personalized white painted pallet coffee table

Here a precise heap of 3 pallets gives a stunning pallet coffee table which has been personalized with a custom logo sign! Also provides mini pockets to store respective type of things and stuff!

Made by: Möbel aus Paletten Europaletten

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