Old Door Panels and Pallet Dog House – DIY


Everybody just love his pets like dogs and cats! If you are also in love with your dog then what you have planned next to make him feel special! Whether you are wishing to gift a sweet home to your newly adopted dog pet or just trying to shift your old dog friend into a more special and separate residence, a stylish dog house is must to get very first! Don’t spend a lot in buying custom dog houses and residences from market which still comes with durability at risk!

Here we would let you know that how to build a special dog home using ordinary home material that would be guaranteed to be super stable! Just put a creative glance at this DIY recycle door panels and pallet dog house, has a stylish design inspired of modern houses! Old door glass panels, sandwich panels, pallets and Styrofoam are going to be your basic supply materials here!

Take a few pallet boards into single planks and go creative with them to install the basic design frame! Now integrate beautifully the old glass door panels for a modern air to entire pallet dog house design! Fill solid the entire frame with the help of pallet slats and just insulate the interior using Styrofoam as underlayment and pallet planks as overlay wooden floor! Install roof, go for side trimming and finally go for an overhaul!

Pallet Dog HouseRest of details are given below!

our dog friend

This is here our sweet dog friend which is learning driving currently!

modern dog house made of pallets and old door panels

Here is the finally completed beautiful dog house! Going to be a valuable gift due to being handmade! It comes with a cool entrances built to a corner side which leads to backside sleeping and resting room!

repurposed pallet and old door panels dog house

Make some physical efforts and tear the pallets apart into single pieces! Plan a whole Euro pallet board as a base of the dog house!

upcycled pallet wood and recycled old door panels modern dog house

Raise the wooden pillars for dog house building from the corners of the base pallet! Install extra wooden pillars for front entrance!

pallet dog house insulation using styrofoam and wood planks

If you are living in a highly cold region then give your first preference to interior dog house insulation! Cover the entire floor and interior with Styrofoam!

For floor, the Styrofoam would work as underlayment which you have to cover later with slats of pallets!

styrofoam flooring of pallet-made dog house!

Use a crafty knife to cut the Styrofoam sheets for precise tiny and corner fittings!

assembly of back side and borders

Integrate the sandwich and glass door panels in the walls and finish the wall by making smart and durable attachments! Don’t forget to use the heavy duty hardware!

using power tools to get dog-house appearance fetching

Keep on sanding and gritting the edges for smoother wood look with zero splinters! Use power tools to speed up the construction work!

dog house made of pallets and old door panels

Make a graceful roof for the dog house, make use of pallet planks again to build a robust wooden roof!

pallet and reclaimed door panels dog house

Go for some dry arrangements of roof first that will lead to precise fittings of roof!

DIY pallet dog house roof installation

Paint the roof in shade you like and just make it settled down finally over the dog house building!

low-cost wooden pallet dog house

Install the hardware and secure the roof in place! Ad a fabric curtain or dignify the entrance more! Here you can see a piece of fabric net doing the same!

repurposed pallet and recycled door panels dog house

Inclined down or bent roof will be all great to avoid rainwater retaining over the roof! Roof should be a little bit larger so that would provide extra safety to entire dog house building!

modern dog house made of pallets and recycled old door panels

While painting the roof, also stain the wooden pillars and cross beams for a special wooden tone!

repurposed pallet and old door panels dog house

The integrated glass door panel in front will allow you to see from outside that what is going on inside the house! Finish the dog house by placing a cushion inside and some dog food!

Made by: Octavian Tertan

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