50+ DIY Shorts to Enjoy Your Summer Fashionably – How to DIY Shorts


When the summers are around the corner, we all having the summer fashion trends in our mind! Along with looking funky in summers, the most of attention is given to beat the summer heat! So shorts are always a great to feel comfy in summers along with stylish statements of your summer look! We would wish you get your wardrobe ready with a variety of shorts until the summer heat hits you!

Thinking about shopping of trendy shorts? Also thinking about their prices may be too expensive to afford? Time to get rid of such a silly thoughts, make your own shorts at home just by making a little creative use of your hands! We assure you that the shorts you will make yourself will be stylish, trendy and fashionable! For complete details about how to DIY shorts, this collections of 50+ DIY shorts for summer would really rock! Ideas will all teach that how to sew new shorts or customize the old ones for amazing fashion statements!

Cut off your old jeans for ever graceful denim shorts! Patch the doilies, laces, sequins and other custom printed fabrics to refashion your shorts! Bleach your old shorts and add custom embellishments to them so they will get your attention again! Dye you shorts for raising them in all visually attractive new colors so they will be all special again to show off your beautiful legs!

In addition, one can customize the shorts in number of different ways more! Using fabric paint and stenciling your shorts is also a great way to get them attractive again! Adding of studs, colored ropes, metal chains and beads would be an every great way to fancy up your new and old shorts!

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DIY Shorts

Along with different sections of shorts customization, we have also added the sections about sewing casual and occasional shorts at home, we have also added some great tips here to refit your old cut-off shorts for normal and waist high fit! We all wish you to take a roundup to see what is going on in latest DIY short trends!

Scarf Printed Summer Shorts:

printed scarf into shorts

If an old scarf makes you feel excited no more, then why not change into summer shorts? Here the creative steps you can make to do it quickly! DIY Tutorial and Image Credit Apairandasparediy

Cut-Off Denim Studded Shorts:

green studded summers shorts DIY

Some spikes and studs can be the total embellishments to lift up the mood of your boring denim shorts or jean cut-offs! Tutorial Via Mrkate

4 DIY Denim Short Styles:

4 DIy smart denim shorts styles

Cuffed denim shorts are in trends now, but do you really now what is the real fashion to wear them? Here are 4 denim short styles, will help you choose the denim short that suits you look! DIY Tutorial and Image Credit cottonandcurls

3 Awesome ways to Customize Denim Cut-Off Shorts:

3 DIY ideas to customize your shorts

Want instant and creative suggestions about customizing your old shorts which are not more attractive? Here are 3 extra brilliant yet easy ways to update your boring denim cut-offs to fashionable summer shorts! Instructions and Image Credit socreativethings

Funky DIY Flag Shorts:

cute flag summer shorts for girls

Little but creative techniques can be used to fancy up your shorts in no time! Here are country pride denim shorts, will show you a true lover of your country! Use custom cardboard start cutouts, custom stripes and spray paint for this genius DIY short makeover! DIY Tutorial Via Ascotfriday

DIY Dip Dye Denim shorts:

ombre denim summer shorts for girls

Dyeing and bleaching your shorts is another great idea to update your old shorts for fashionable statements! Use custom dyes and material to create so many different and stylish looks of your denim shorts! Tutorial Via Honestlywtf

Printed Fabric Paneled Cut-Off Denim shorts:

customized DIY summer shorts

Patching is a great way to hide holes and imperfections of your clothing, so why not patch up your shorts in order to repair them or to make them more beautiful! Here it has been done by adding a fabric floral panel to denim cutouts which have also been red dyed! Full Tutorial Via freepeople

DIY Bleach Summer Shorts:

amazing bleached summer shorts for girls

Want your legs to show off? These bleached denim shorts may be agreat choice, add custom embellishments to spice up its look more! Step-by-Step Guide Via Made2style

Beautiful Cuffed Denim Cut-Off Shorts:

DIY denim cut-off summer shorts

Cuffed denim shorts are a great choice for casual and occasional summer dress up! Make easily the stylish denim shorts at home! Full DIY Instructions Here Create-enjoy

DIY Tie Dye Denim Shorts:

DIY tie dye summer shorts idea

Wrap your denims shorts with rubber bands and simple dip them in bucket containing your favorite dye! The fastest ever way to refashion your shorts! Here are the Directions Thesignaturebow

Cool DIY Tribal Shorts:

DIY tribal shorts for girls

Paint your denims, distress them and also add custom logos and sings to them a festival vibe or for funky tribal shorts, surely boost up the summer look of you! Full DIY Instructions Here Madeinpretoria

Cute Starry Denim Shorts:

cute starry summer shorts

Get a favor from fabric dyes and custom stencil patterns while making your discarded shorts attractive again! Here are starry denims shorts which will explain all for you!  Complete Tutorial Here Lipglossandmisskara

DIY Printed Victorian Shorts:

DIY printed victorian shorts

Adding custom printed fabric overlays to your boring shorts is another great ideas to get them visually pleasing again! These stunning Victorian shorts are an ever beautiful example of it and have been sew at home! Step-by-Step Tutorial Here Trashtocouture

Floral Casual Shorts with Pockets:

casual floral shorts DIY

Shorts are a great way to feel light weight and comfy in hot summer days! Sew also your casual shorts using just 1 yard of any printed fabric, you can add pockets also to them! Full DIY Tutorial Here Cottonandcurls

Colorful DIY Shorts Pattern:

fun color DIY summer shorts

Here is a stunning colorful pattern for your summer shorts fashion!! Decide a printed fabric and just sew it, click the link for rest of details! Complete Guide Here Annaevers

Floral High Waist DIY Shorts:

home sewn high waist shorts

Floral shorts are always eye-catching, missing them in your wardrobe? Just sew the floral fabric for affordable yet fashionable shorts this summer! Here is How to Make it Ysabelhilado

Cute Fabric Panel Shorts:

funky no-sewing fabric panel shorts

Add custom fabric panels to somewhere on your denim shorts to get them as funky and stylish as you want! Time to update your old denim cut-offs with latest DIY shorts makeovers! DIY Tutorial and Image Credit Tattooedmartha

Galaxy Jeans DIY Shorts:

DIY galaxy jeans shorts

Sky is the limit for updating your old denim and fabric shorts! Want a super cool galaxy print of your casual denim shorts? Use a mixture of spray and brush paints! Step-by-Step Tutorial Here 2ndfunniestthing


DIY Daisy Denim Shorts:

funky daisy denim shorts

Want a rich feminine look of denim shorts? Want to style up your denim cut-offs this summer? Simply add daisies to them, a mind-blowing suggestion to refashion your old skirts and shorts! Full Tutorial Here Thisfashionismine

DIY Sequin Shorts:

stunning sequin shorts

When patched with sequin, the shorts looks exceptionally great! So these sequin denim shorts will be awesome choice to represent you classy this summer! Grab Full Instructions Here Theberry

DIY Dip Dye Bleached Shorts:

dip dye bleached summer shorts tutorial

Funky shorts always help while intending to look unique, different and extra fashionable! These dip dyed and distressed shorts will be recommended ones if you want from the people have seen you! Bleach your shorts and cut randomly the bottom of the shorts with a knife! Step-by-Step Guide Here Universal-doll

Beautiful Scalloped Summer Shorts:

denim scalloped summer shorts

To represent you a funky style lover, these scalloped shorts will be all great to wear this summer! Want you old shorts to be updated as scalloped? Complete Guide Here freepeople

DIY Cool Leapard Summer Shorts:

DIY Leopard shorts

You may be inspired of different things lying around, so why not make them a part of your dress up? These leopard shorts are a ways to do like this! For this leopard print of shorts, the fabric market and a pattern will be the total supplies and tools! Complete Tutorial Here Becauseimaddicted

DIY Water Melon Summer Shorts:

DIY water melon summer short pattern

We all like to eat water melons in summers, so these summer water melon shorts will be a way to speak for the summer or water melon arrival along with making your look funky this summer! A genius trick to upgrade your old shorts this summer! Here are the Directions Diyncrafts

Hot Peach Scalloped Shorts:

DIY peach scalloped shorts

Of course you are hoping to look stunning this summer? Have you planned something special to add to you wardrobe? If not yet, then own these scalloped shorts, you can also upgrade old shorts into these funky scalloped ones quickly! Full Tutorial Here Chictopia

DIY Bleach Gel Tutorial For Amazing Patterns on your Shorts:

DIY bleach gel tutorial for amazing patterns on your shorts

Bleach gel is a magical mixture for those who just love to DIY the fashion-wear and clothing! Make bleach get for every crazy, funky and fashionable patterns on your denim shorts!! Complete Tutorial Here Youtube

Cool Distressed Cut-Off Shorts:

DIY distressed cut-off shorts

Distressed jeans or jean cut-offs are all a great fashion-wear to style you, can be seen popular in college fashion! Learn here how to cut off your old jeans for distressed shorts this summer! Full DIY Tutorial and Image Credit Prettyquirkypants

Beautiful Pocket Patch Shorts DIY:

beautiful pocket patch summer shorts

Willing to update your old styled shorts for an exceptionally graceful look? Simply go for adding fabric panels to back pockets of your selected denim shorts! DIY Instructions Via Beadandcord

Bleached Tye-Dye Summer Shorts:

beached tie dye denim shorts

Bleach can remove the color of your denim jeans and you can also plan a Tye-dye dip for the bleached shorts for fancy customization of your denim shorts! Full DIY Tutorial and Image Credit Sprinklesinsprings

DIY Distressed Denim Shorts:

stylish distressed denim shorts

All the style loving girls would like to wear these distressed shorts! Will represent you a highly style-conscious person for sure! So why not making your denim cut-offs distressed? Complete Tutorial Here Swellmayde

Beautiful Sequin Embellished Denim Shorts:

DIY sequin shorts

Embellishing your denim shorts with sequin can be said to instantly enhance the feminine look of your jean cut-offs! Sequin patches and panels are a great way to refashion your shorts this summer! Step-by-Step Tutorial Here Apairandasparediy

DIY Cool Studded Shorts:

DIY studded shorts for girls

Adding copper studs and spikes can highly glitter up your denim cut-offs! So time to customize and upgrade your old denim cut-offs with studs, beads and spikes if you are willing that people look at you over and over gain this summer! Here are the Directions Scarves

DIY Grumpy Cat Shorts:

cool grumpy cat summer shorts

Are you willing to spread over your angry and rude attitude this summer, these grumpy cat shorts will instantly make your look serious and a little angry young woman! A little bit paint mixed with you creativity will really rock!!  Complete Tutorial Here Ilovetocreateblog

American flag Pocket Shorts:

DIY American flag pocket shorts

Decorate your long forgotten jeans at your own will! This cool country flag patch to your summer shorts is surely going to you represent you a great patriotic person! Step-by-Step Tutorial Here Msbeautygeek

Amazing DIY Sequin Shorts:

refashioned denim shorts

Brainstorming to create a vintage yet modern look of your shorts this summer? Get ready with some metal chains, sequin and with some sharp knives! Add metal chains in loops and just distress the bottom sides of shorts with knives! Here are the Directions Stylowi

Jean Lace Summer Shorts:

jean lace summer shorts makeover

Adding a lace panel or patch to your jean cut-offs will be a super quick way for a boosted feminine visual of your shorts! Via Nouvellevaguebynaiara

DIY Ombre Stylish Summer Shorts:

easy ombre summer short tutorial

Creatively cover and spray paint your shorts for ever graceful ombre color patterns! Cool and easy way to jazz up your old jean shorts this summer! DIY Full Tutorial Here Stylowi

DIY Summer Lace Shorts:

cool summer lace shorts

Clothing when laced, looks more friendly to women and girls, so why not lace up your old shorts as it will add the women prettiness and delicacy to your summer denim shorts! Full Tutorial Here Sincerelykinsey

DIY Leapard Summer Shorts:

customized leaped summer shorts

Take a paint brush and add yellow and black mixed dots over your selected denim shorts you need to refashion! A pretty leopard print is ready to hold your attention! Grab Full Instructions Here Mrkate

DIY Tie Dye Summer Shorts:

tie dye summer shorts makeover

If you want to continue the amazing looks of your old shorts, tie-dye is a mind-blowing treatment to customize the visual of them! Here are the rainbow shorts made throw this process! Step-by-Step Tutorial Here Collegefashion

DIY Black and White Strips Shorts:

black and white strips DIY shorts

Add strips to your black old shorts and just paint it using a white spray paint! The funky zebra shorts are ready to grace you up this summer! DIY Full Tutorial Here Abeautifulmess

DIY Bleached Denim Shorts:

denim bleach shorts DIY

Bleach half of your denim cut-offs for a pretty ombre visual! A quick idea to bring your old shorts up-to-date! Is not it? Full DIY Tutorial and Image Credit Abeautifulmess

DIY Textured Summer Shorts:

DIY textured summer shorts tutorial

Do a little work with scissors and have your normal shorts textured amazingly! A quick tip to modernize your shorts this summer without a investment! DIY Full Tutorial Here Abeautifulmess

Doily Summer Shorts DIY:

stunning doily summer shorts

Boost the prettiness of your denim shorts by adding doilies! Will bring the amazing women delicacy to your jean cut-offs! Complete DIY Guide Here Abeautifulmess

DIY Sleep Shorts:

cool DIY sleep shorts

Here are the floral sleep shorts to make you a big fan of DIY creativity! Idea is all about to use a fabric with your favorite print over your old denim shorts! Full Tutorial Here Prettyprudent

DIY Old Jean into No Fuss Shorts:

old jean cut-off shorts

Cut off you jeans to have stylish shorts, bleach them a little and tear the bottom edges using a sharp knife! New distressed shorts are ready to make you feel and look great in upcoming hot days! Full Tutorial Here Soimakestuff

DIY Scarf into Shorts:

beautiful scarf shorts

Printed scarfs which are lying like a old thin in home trash, can be sewn for amazingly attractive shorts, make your look extraordinary style in hot days! Here is a mind-boggling sample of it! Step-by-Step Tutorial Here Sylandsam

No-Sew Scalloped Shorts DIY:

no-sew DIY scalloped shorts

Scalloped bottoms of your shorts work great for raising the visual interest along with boosting the feminine character! So here is a pattern to get the shorts scalloped beautifully and easily! Full Tutorial Here Candimandi.typepad

DIY Lace Shorts Makeover:

easy lace shorts diy

Spice up your old shorts by lacing them up! A way to update you shorts even in last 5 or 10 minutes! With this trick in mind you are never going to throw your old shorts in trash bin! Full Tutorial Here Project-twentytwo

Delightful Indian Shorts:

beautiful indian shorts

Beautiful patterns on your old shorts will keep you continue to love them! Here using colored yarns amazing chevron lines have been made over the denim jeans for extra beauty! DIY Full Tutorial Here Look-what-i-made

Amazing DIY Sequin Shorts:

DIY sequin summer shorts

If you like the glitter and sparkle in everything then this sequin DIY short is surely going to blow you mind! Amazing way to use sequin for cool personality statements this summer! Here is How to Make it Apairandasparediy

Daisy Denim Shorts DIY:

funky daisy denim shorts

Mount daisies on your denim shorts and just stick them well using a adhesive, will look like the tiny butterflies! A quick way to modernize your old denim shorts! Grab Full Instructions Here Thisfashionismine

Scalloped Denim Cut-Off Shorts:

easy DIY scalloped summer shorts tutorial

Follow the trick here to get your shorts into funky scalloped ones! A little bit use of pencil and a little bit scissor work will be all you need to do here! Step-by-Step Guide Here Nava-k

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