78 Superb DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Beautiful Room


A bed is our goal always after a busiest work day! It just removes tiredness from us and makes us ready to achieve more next day! In short, a bed is a daily charger of a man! This shoes how strongly the beds are linked to our life! As we all spend a lot of time of our life in the bedrooms, so they should be special, super comfortable and enchanting always!

Here we are to talk about that how you can make your bedroom look beautiful by installing just a single extension! Enhance the functional character and beauty of your bed by providing it a well-suiting headboard! A headboard is an optional feature or addition but it would be mandatory if you are intending to create a more stylish, luxurious and provocative look of your bed! It can be adjusted as an accent head of your bed and it will also allow you to make a unique and bold statement in your bedroom!

Getting puzzled about choosing a headboard that will suit your style? Are you afraid of sky-high market prices which we see inflated everyday? Are you willing to have a custom headboard that will match perfectly to your bedroom-decor-theme? For a single solution to all your problems, we have brought this mind-boggling collection of 78  DIY headboard ideas that are affordable, stylish and most importantly, easy-to-build at home!

Explore the given large collection to choose your ideal one to built! Get ready with a little plywood, batting, foam sheets and with your favorite printed fabric if you want to build a modern tufted headboard right now! If you are just following the vintage style in bedroom decors, then add the vintage headboards in your to-do list, a few outstanding ones are given in the list! There are also shabby chic, antique and ultra-modern headboards listed below to satisfy your taste, add any of them in your weekend DIY-list!

diy headboard ideas

Recycle the old shutters to build cozy headboards! Turn your old doors also into subtle wooden headboards! Also repurpose the old rubber mats to install extraordinary and unique headboards! Make use of MDF boards and wood to build headboards like you see on a magazine cover and you can also get crafty with metal pipes, rods and metal lattice to achieve extra durable metallic headboards! Moreover, you can also go with those amazing book headboards, ruffled fabric headboards and peg board headboards while intending to boost the beauty of bed and overall visual of bedroom! For more inspirations, a short roundup is must!!!

Here are more DIY furniture and home decor projects:

Robust Wooden Chevron Headboard:

chevron wooden headboard diyGain a plywood sheet and simply fill it up using well sanded and resized planks of wood you have chosen! Start with a small triangle at the top and move forward to center point! Glue the planks and hold them in place using nail! This wooden headboard will make a bold rustic statement in your bedroom! Full Guide and Tutorial here jenwoodhouse

Recycled Old Door Headboard:

upcycled door into headboardTake an old door out from the home trash store! Remove the hardware and sand the wooden surfaces containing the hardware marks! Use a wooden filler to fill all the wooden surfaces smooth and then paint it! At the end, add a wooden mantel at the top of the door to start using it as a headboard! Complete Details and Tutorial Here infarrantlycreative

Self-Made Padded Headboard:

self-installed padded headboardCut the plywood sheet you have selected to size, add 2 layers of adhesive spray! Now make foam sheets sit on the plywood and wait for the adhesive spray to be dried! After ensuring perfect settlement of foam sheet over plywood sheet, add batting and fabric to finish it up! This would be ever beautiful padded headboard for your bed! Complete Details and Tutorial Here picardyproject

King Size Upholstered Headboard:

upholstered headboard DIYaGrab any printed fabric like this damask fabric with turquoise solid patterns! Cut the fabric in squares without damaging or losing the shape of patterns! Now put a wood sheet square (smaller than the fabric square) in each fabric square and fold back the edges! Don’t forget to fill it soft using a fluffy polyester fiberfill! Now prepare a desired amount of such a squares and line them up on a wooden board for a precious headboard! An easy yet modern headboard idea! Full Details and tutorial here  realitydaydream

Camel Back Style Rustic Wooden King Headboard:

DIY Headboard

First of all make a template out of cardboard like this curvy headboard template! Don’t shy to go with your own choice! Now put it onto your floored up wooden boards and trace the outlines! Now cut the wood using a jigsaw along the marked template outlines! You will get an artistic wooden headboard at the end! Complete directions and instructions here prettyhandygirl

Homemade Tufted Headboard:

homemade beautiful tufted headboardCut out the wooden template for your headboard from a plywood sheet like this camel-back style headboard template! Stick the foam sheets over it using an adhesive and then add the batting and fabric! Choose the batting and fabric with several extra inches as you have to fold them back to wood later! Now decide the locations for buttons and put the screws in to wood along with the washers! Beautiful tufted headboard would be ready to bring coziness and style to you bed! Full DIY guide and Tutorial here pneumaticaddict

Old Door into Precious Headboard:

old door into headboardUse the old doors as alternatives to expensive wooden headboards! Recondition the select the door by removing the hardware first like the lock holes, handles and hinges! Fill the wooden surfaces smooth using wood putty and just apply the finishing paint coats you have selected! Transform the reconditioned door into headboard by adding a chair-rail molding to top of it! Full Directions and DIY Tutorial Here countryliving

Upcycled Cedar Fence Pickets Headboard:

reclaimed cedar fence pickets headboardFloor up the selected wooden planks brace them together! Now trace out the pattern by putting a pattern template onto it, use cardboard to make a template first! Go with jigsaw and cut along the traced lines for final artistic headboard! Pretty simple to do! Full Guide and Tutorial Here addicted2decorating

Self-Made Upholstered Headboard with Nail head Trim:

handcrafted upholstered headboard with nail head trimMake your bedroom note-worthy with the help of this upholstered headboard! It will goes up to the ceiling for a whole dramatic background to your bed! Willing to make it at home? Full Guide and Details Here hgtv

Beautiful Tufted Headboard:

handmade tufted headboardScooped self-tufted headboard, will make a cozy statement in your bedroom! Get ready with a some plywood, batting and with a fabric cover if want to own it! Step by step instructions for this tufted headboard project are here thriftydecorchick

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