89 Unique DIY Bird Feeders – Full Step by Step Tutorials


Gardens and backyards are not only to give you the most enjoyable scenery of greenery and colorful flowers, they are also what that give you a daily doze of fresh air to keep you healthy and fit! If you think deeper, these are also the places where you also get your soul fully satisfied and this mostly happens when you listen those sweetest chirping songs in the morning!

Here we are to tell you about that how you can give a strong call to those beautiful birds living in your area to visit your backyard on regular basis! You can do so simply by including some bird feeders in your green spaces with the delicious foods and seeds inside your favorite bird creatures like the most! Here we have picked up DIY bird feeders one by one that highly awesome and brought to you as 80+ DIY bird feeders, all are quick to made and easy as well! Time to get creative with 24/7 home materials and scrapped away home items to achieve any of these bird feeders! For a great help, complete tutorials and instructions for each listed bird feeder idea, have been given in shape of reference links, check them out and enjoy!

With the arrival of spring and less hot summer season, the birds will be migrating back! So, this is the perfect time to add some highly attractive bird feeders in your garden to entertain those beautiful birds you have missed through the whole winter season!

Recycle those old glass bottles and kids food jars to recover awesome bird feeders out of them! Repurpose the milk jugs and hang them also as inviting bird feeders in your garden! Another super simple method is to just mix the bird seeds and then to give them beautiful shapes using cookie cutters, then you can simply hang them using some kind of strings and ribbons! Suspend also your old bundt pans, vintage tea pots and plates to tree branches for quick and stable diy bird feeder!

DIY Bird Feeders

If you just love to think creative or diy projects and are also having some wood-work experience then you can give a try to wooden bird feeders given in the list! Give also some genius arrangements to Popsicle sticks to get them as charming garden bird feeders! Checkout the whole collection of these smart diy bird feeder crafts and explore more about your diy home decor!

Bowl + Plate Bird Feeder:

easy and simple DIY bird feeder

Grab a plastic bowl and plate and just put them together with a long carriage bolt straight through them! Secure both the bowl and plate in place by adding washers and nuts on opposite sides and get a beautiful bird feeder to add to your backyard! Use a cord for a stable hanging of it! Complete picture guide and DIY tutorial here erinscreative

Easy Birdseed Wreath:

handmade birdseed wreath

 Mix a suitable amound of Knox Unflavored Gelatin in a cup of water and let the Gelatin dissolve completely on a low temperature! Now mix a sufficient amount of bird seeds and pour the whole mixture in a tin or plastic round mold! Don’t forget to spray the mold with non-stick baking spray before addition of mixture! Now let it be well freezed in the fridge for 2 hours and then hang it up in your garden with the help of a fabric or ribbon! Step-by-step instructions and picture tutorial here bystephanielynn

Reclaimed Bundt Pan Bird Feeder:

recycled bundt pan bird feeder

Repurpose your old bundt pan and just hang it up on a tree branch by using a fabric or ribbon! Give it a birdseed fill and enjoy a cool bird feeder out of it! Complete instructions here kellyelko

Re-purposed Candy Jar Bird Feeder:reclaimed candy jar bird feeder

Smartly arrange the old candy jars to make remarkable designs of bird feeders, one praise-worthy is just before your eyes! A super low-cost and easy DIY bird feeder craft! Complete tutorial and picture guide here secondchancetodream

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders:

Easy homemade cookie cutter bird feeders

These cookie cutter bird feeders will be the cutest ever bird feeders while being hanged in your garden or backyard with the help of a ribbon! The good news is that you just don’t need a permanent bird feeder fixture for these! Here is how to make these cookie cutter bird feeders weeshare

Silverware Suet Bird Feeder:

handmade silverware suet bird feeder

Go smart with a 2 ft weathered board and with sliver-plated flat ware set and make this very special bird feeder! With inclusion of this special bird feeder, you garden will really be entertaining again to those migrated birds! Here is how to make this silverware bird feeder birdsandblooms

Repurposed Mason Jar Bird Feeder:repurposed mason jar bird feeder

Fit a mason jar tight in a chicken feeder and then with a plate over and enjoy a dual functional feeder out of it! It would be both a chick and bird feeder! Take lot of care while drilling holes in the mason jar! Full guide and picture tutorial here apaisleysunflower

Quick Milk Carton Autumn Bird Feeders:

recycled milk carton autumn bird feeders

Empty milk cartons can also be great alternative to expensive garden bird feeders! Just cut some of their portion out from front and give a birdseed fill then simply hang them on a reasonable height on a garden tree branch! Don’t forget to pass a wooden stick straight across the sides of milk carton for entertaining seats for the birds! Full guide and tutorial here lakeshorelearning

Reclaimed Milk Jug Bird Feeder:

repurposed milk jug bird feeder

Reclaim an old milk jug and start using it as a bird feeder with a little modifications! Cut out a hole in it to add the birdseed and then link its lid to a cord for a stable hanging in your garden, pretty simple and easy peasy! Full tutorial and guide here theadamsfamilyfarmandhomeschool

Quick Orange Bird Feeder:

super easy orange bird feeder

Take an orange into halves and just scoop out the all the delicious pulp! Now pierce holes on 4 decided corners and fasten a length of twine to each! Fill the finally finished oranges with birdseed and hang on an aloft garden support! Full tutorial and guide here sherisilver

Old Paint Can Bird Feeders:

repurposed paint can hanging garden bird feeders

Pain the empty paint cans and just fill them a little with birdseed! Now just tie ribbons or a piece of fabric to their centers and hang them in your backyard or garden in such a way that painted cans would be straight in horizontal alignments, perfect bird feeders and garden ornaments are ready! Full guide and tutorial here momendeavors

Unique Sunflower tower Bird Feeder:

creative sunflower tower bird feeder

Get creative with 2 terracotta pot saucers and with metallic mesh cloth and make this outstanding sunflower seed tower, will be a mind-blowing bird feeder for the birds! A faux bird toy over will make it more attractive to birds! Full guide and step-by-step instructions are here thegardenroofcoop

Recycled Soda Bottle Bird Feeder:repurposed soda bottle bird feeder

Repurpose an old coca-cola or any plastic soda bottle to duplicate this bird feeder! Just make some holes to let the bird seeds easily available to the birds! Do add the perches and you can recycle some old wooden spoons for that! Full guide and tutorial for this soda bottle bird feeder is here  sustainablog

Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeder:easy vintage tea cup bird feeder

Secure an cup in the center of a saucer using hot glue! Now just flip the saucer side over and add a copper coupling with stop! Make it sit on a long copper pipe length fixed in the garden ground and start using it as a bird feeder! Don’t forget to fill up the cup with birdseed! Complete tutorial and details here vintagecountrystyle

Easy Kid-Made Window Bird Feeder:

quick kid-made window bird feeder

Here is a super easy bird feeder that even a child can make! Process is pretty simple and quick! Just modify a cardboard box for a small window along with a little box at the bottom side for birdseed fill! Complete guide and tutorial here mamaisemmasmama

Wooden Bird Feeder Plan:hand-built wooden bird feeder

By using the wooden scrap from home, you can also make a perfect and standard design of a bird feeder or birdhouse just like you buy from the markets! Checkout this sample wooden birdhouse to get inspired! Step-by-step instructions and complete plan here mybackyardplans

Ice Cream Cone Bird Feeder:repurposed ice cream bird feeder

Give an additional creamy layer of peanut butter to an ice cream cone and then just roll it over some birdseed, a lovely bird feeder is all ready be part of your backyard or garden! Complete guide and tutorial here dereilanatureinn

Easy Stale Bread Bird Feeder:quick stale bread bird feeder

Reuse the state slices of bread to make delicious bird feeders! Just spread the peanut butter over the slices and then birdseed! Super easy bird feeders ever to make! Complete guidelines and tutorial here cbc

Gourd Bird Feeder:

simple and easy gourd bird feeder

Pierce holes on a empty half of a gourd and just pass and tie metal wires through them and that’s it, a bird feeder is ready to go in your garden which would also be much friendly to garden atmosphere! Further details and tutorial here kitchencounterchronicle

Kid-Made Paper Plate Bird Feeder:self-made paper plate bird feeder

Pierce holes in a plastic plate, use a hole punch for it! Now tie tight lengths of twine or raffia after passing through the holes! Spread the peanut butter over and finish it with a layer of birdseed! To make it more delicious for the birds, just thread the cheerios onto twine lengths! Complete details and tutorial here happyhooligans

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